Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We have spent the week doing a bit of shopping, sunning and relaxing. We are going to move Kelly on Friday from her apartment in Palestine to a self storage place in Katy. When she returns from Ohio, she will stay with her sister, Carrie, for the week and then they will move her into her new apartment in Katy.

Each day the temperature has been in the mid to high 90s…with two days reaching 102. Now that is HOT!

Since things have been a bit slow, we want to share another adventure we had when we were staying at Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA.

Friday, May 28 - After the swamp tour, we drove over to meet Gerald Judice at his workshop. Gerald salvages all types of wood from the swamps. Most of this wood dates back to before the Civil War.

Gerald explaining the type of wood used in this bowl.



There's cedar, cherry, mahogany, popular, oak, and many other species.

This table of bowls has all the different types of wood.


Paul was looking for Cyprus and boy did Gerald have some beautiful Cyprus. He has literally tons and tons of wood stacked everywhere in his barn, shelters, workshop, and even in his former house, which sits on the property.



His daughter, Emily, who is learning the wood turning skill of making beautiful wooden bowls from her father, is also trying to get her dad to quit storing wood in the house so she can move into the place....LOL


Gerald also makes other wood items including furniture, bird feeders, benches, spoons, and other works of art.


Small boxes


He has enough wood to last him and his family for a hundred years but says he can't stop digging it out of the swamps because it may not be there next year!

Here is some of the beautiful wood he had for sale. Great for bowl making.



Here is Gerald showing Paul some great pieces of wood stored in the shop area.


This was Marsha’s favorite part. Emily made a bowl from start to finish while Marsha took pictures.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Different view of Step 3


Once she was done with this step, Emily used sand paper and hand sanded until it was smooth as glass. Beautiful work, Emily.

We spent about two hours with this remarkable man. Before we left, Gerald invited Paul to go pick out some wood. Paul was like a little boy in a candy shop.


The perfect piece….he was soooooo happy.


Another great Cajun experience! Thanks Gerald and Emily for sharing your talents with us.

Thanks to you all for stopping by. Hope to see y’all real soon.