Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Wednesday, January 30 – We planned on meeting full-timer RV friends, Jan and Dave, on Monday for lunch. We haven't met up with these two for a couple of years.

Our intended meeting spot was the Egg & I restaurant in Mission. Well, we never made it! As we were driving along Expressway 83, something blew-out our driver-side door window.

blow out window

We heard a very loud explosion, and the next thing we knew there was a hole in the safety glass side window. We had pretty many “safety glass pebbles” scattered over us and on the inside of the truck.

blow out window

glass everywhere

After determining we were both okay, Paul pulled off the highway into a nearby parking lot. Not knowing what hit us (was it a stone or a shot from a gun???),  we decided it best to call the police and file a report.The police arrived within ten minutes and took the report.

Mission police

Paul removed as much glass as he could at the side of the road, and we drove to a car wash to use the vacuum to cleanup the mess.

paul removing glass

We called our insurance company, and they arranged to have the glass replaced immediately. We had an appointment at Safelite Auto Glass and had the window replaced within three hours of the incident. Pretty good service. The best news was that we have zero deductible on glass. The window is like new. It didn't cost us anything but a few gray hairs and a couple hours of our time. The worst part is we missed lunch with our friends.

cleaning up the glass

When we got home, we actually found glass back in the truck bed. That was one big explosion.

glass in bed of truck

Who knows what hit was most likely a stone thrown up by a truck....but, if Paul made someone angry out there, forgive him and holster the gun....PLEASE! LOL

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!