Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Tuesday, September 22 – – Today was beach day! We arrived to a nearly deserted beach around
9 a.m. We like arriving early so we can get in plenty of sun before it gets too dang hot. Nice to have miles and miles of beautiful beach to walk along without thousands of people.

St A beach

We did test the water, and it was pleasantly comfortable. Not too cold or not too hot. We spent the day relaxing, reading, strolling the beach and people watching.

St A beach

It cracked us up that the two times we went for a walk upon returning to our chairs people had set-up less than ten feet away. What's wrong with these people? There's miles of beach here folks! Just relax, we'll pack up our stuff and move down the beach.....jeesh! (end of rant :-)

St A beach

When Marsha walked over to the restrooms, look what was looking up at here by the steps.St. A beach

We never thought we would see this in Florida.
St. A beach

We had enough sun shortly after 1 p.m. and headed back to the RV park at the St. Augustine Elks Lodge. On the way back, we stopped for a Kodak moment at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. It was difficult to get a good picture without paying for a tour. We weren't willing or is it too cheap for that, so we did the best we could.


Another RV pulled-in today making it five total. Not sure if they are full or not. There are several more RV hookups in the weeds beside us, but they look like they haven't been used for quite some time. Guess we'll have to wait and see if anyone attempts to use them.

Whenever we do a hike or a long walk, we rely on our iPhones to let us know how many steps we took and how many miles we walked/hiked. According to our iPhones when we did our walking tour of St. Augustine, we walked over 8.55 and took 18,462 steps. If that sounds too overwhelming for you, there are all kinds of trolley tours and carriage rides available. We considered taking one just to hear the driver's description of the sights, but we really enjoy stopping whenever we choose and seeing the sights at our own pace.

Marsha found the first thing she doesn’t like about Florida…the humidity. She keeps saying that she is having the worse hair day EVER. She says if she lived her she would have to cut her hair short. That ain’t happening, so I guess we won’t be moving to Florida in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!