Sunday, January 23, 2011


Friday, January 21 – Paul varnished the new drawer cabinets and desk today. Took most of the day because at least two coats are required with drying time in-between. He also cut down the size of the ottoman so it would fit nicer in the motor home setting. Now we have to find a source for a small, free-standing, dining room table....anyone with a suggestion, let us know!

Marsha started the aerobics class yesterday. She didn’t come home breathing very hard. She said it is a mild workout. She was told on Thurs. and Fri. they do a 3-mile workout. The workout on Mon.-Wed. is different. She will report on the difference in the next post. She is certainly loving this weather!

We went up to the activity center for happy hour this evening and only two other couples were there. What's with that????? 

Saturday, January 22 - Paul cut and installed the counter top today. It really turned out nice. This was cut from the table that he removed at the beginning of the project. Looks like it was always there!


He also made some finishing touches to the desk including a hole with a wire chase port and felt on the underside of the sliding top. Now a few incidentals and the desk and drawers will be finished. That leaves only a drawer where the old table was removed and the project will be completed.

We attended the Bernie & Red Show at a neighboring RV Park with Betty & Jay Crane. This is a rather famous entertainment couple here in the Rio Grande Valley. This is their ninth year appearing in the RGV. Next they go to Mesa, Yuma, Casa Grande and Tucson, AZ in February and March. They sing and tell amusing stories. A pretty good show!

Sunday, January 23 – We attended church this morning with Betty & Jay. It was the Mission United Methodist Church in Mission. Boy, what a crowd.....there wasn't an empty seat in the house! We attended the 9:30 service and all stayed for Sunday School except Paul. Both the worship service and Sunday school were very enjoyable....especially attending with good friends.

Paul then finished the cabinets and desk. He finished the top by caulking around the edges and then installed the drawer pulls. He then unpacked and installed the new printer, leaving the technical part to Marsha. She loaded the software on both our computers, and we now have WIRELESS printing capabilities.....Neat!

Lexmark Prospect Pro 200 series. This is a wireless (although you can use a USB cable), print, copy, scan, fax, photo printer. We can print double sided, print color or all black, and print multiple pages on one sheet of paper. It is a great printer for a super price.


We then went for a bike ride and got some oranges, lemons, and limes at Norm and Donna’s.....yummmmmmmm!

The oranges are DELICIOUS!!!


The lime tree is in continuous fruit. We picked several large limes but there are small limes


and parts of the tree just in flowers ready to produce the lime.


Can you guess what type of tree this is?


See those HUGE things hanging from the branches. They are LEMONS! We have never seen such big lemons…just amazing!


It was then football time. We watched Green Bay defeat Chicago, but our real interest is the Steelers vs the Jets......come on JETS!!! They are getting killed at the time of this post…Oh boy!

Paul enjoying his his new work area.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!