Sunday, February 27, 2011


Friday, Feb 25 – Marsha's basket hobby is taking over Paul's life. He spent most of the day making new basket bottoms for Marsha's future projects......PHEW!!! Not only did he have to cut our various shapes and sizes, but then had to drill a million holes in them and sand them.....he doesn't have time for his own hobby!


Marsha's basket is all done! She put several coats of shellac on it and that is the final step. Now which shape and size will she start next?

Tonight is the 50's Sock Hop at the Activity Center. Of course, Marsha volunteered us to help with the bubble blowing contest and the hula hoop contest, and we are in charge of the popcorn machine.....SHEESH! does she get me involved in these things??? Oh well, being a judge means I don't have to compete!

Mr. Popcorn Man


Getting ready to cruise.


Carol in the mood.


Dig the hair.


Marsha doing the hand jive.


Elvis even made an appearance.


Mike and Lynn were the organizer of event. Thanks you two. Great job!


Saturday, February 26 -
Back to Louisa's house for the second coat on the drywall. This project has turned into a two man job......only John and I are working again today.  Hopefully, he can get the drywall done today.

We are expecting some friends this evening.....Barb & Bruce. We met Barb & Bruce in Livingston, TX, at the Escapee Headquarters when we first started full-timing. They are from Two Harbors, MN – where they spend their summers at their cabin on the lake. They do some pretty extensive traveling in the winter and are here in the RGV to see how Winter Texans live. Bruce writes a wonderful blog. Great sense of humor.

B & B arrived safely around 4 o'clock. We met them along the road to guide them effortlessly to their site. After they settled in, we had a quick happy hour to do a little catching up and then gave them the nickel tour of the park. We decided to go out for dinner.....this turned into a questionable decision. Marsha and I are not big “eater outers,” so where do we go? Gave our friend Norm a quick call and he gave us a place. Friends Betty and Jay were also going. So the six of us loaded up and headed to the restaurant.......opps, CLOSED! So leader Paul heads down the road looking for someplace to eat. Next thing we know, we are out in the boonies, it's getting dark, the road ends, the Border Patrol is cruising around, ...WE BETTER GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE! Eventually we found a place to eat. Not the greatest but we enjoyed our friends! Another memorable experience.....ha! Ha!

Lt.-Rt…Barb, Betty, Jay, Paul and Bruce. Marsha took the pictures…waiter didn’t speak English, so who knows what would have shown up in the picture. Possibly something like the next picture?


That is right…GOAT. If you look at the picture above, see the window in the upper right corner, that is where it is hanging.


Jay and Betty actually had goat in their Enchiladas. Marsha tasted them. They were GOOOOOD!

Before we close, we would like to thank all those who have left us comments. Thanks for your support with Louisa’s project. Sometimes, when the comment is sent it has a no-reply address. We don’t have all our followers email addresses, so this is our way of saying “Thanks”.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!