Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Saturday, August 29 – As stated in an earlier blog, our daughter and son-in-law live in Ohio Wine Country. One is required by local law to visit several of these wineries periodically. So, to fulfill that obligation, we headed out after lunch to visit four wineries. There were six of us on the trip. Along with Kelly and Dave (daughter & son-in-law), we had Rod and Katie (Marsha's brother and his wife). We all fit nicely in Dave's new Ford F-150. It was wonderful that we could all go in one vehicle.

Wine tasting isn't all fun – there's work involved! Especially if you are an emergency room nurse. Poor Katie. Being a nurse in the ER she can't turn her back on an accident. The first TWO wineries we visited had people needing help. One elderly lady had a little too much to drink and fell down the bus steps and gashed her head. Dave had to assist Katie on that one since he sells medical supplies and had a well stocked first aid kit in his truck. The second winery also had a lady down. She actually slipped going up the steps and was knocked unconscious. This was a little more serious, and the rescue squad had to be called. Eventually, things calmed down, and we were all able to enjoy a couple glasses of wine and relax overlooking the vineyard.

Our first stop…South River vineyard. Yep, in an old church.
South River vineyard

Beautiful view.
South River vineyard

We enjoyed an excellent bottle of wine called Creation.
South River vineyard

Second stop…Hundley Cellars.
Hundley Cellars

This winery just opened a few months ago. They are still putting some final touches on it.


Yummy wine at a great price.

Our third winery was just to check out the place. Kelly and Dave stopped at Laurentia Winery before and found the it to be a bit pricey. It is a gorgeous place though.

Laurentia Winery

Laurentia Winery

Our final stop of the day was Grand River Cellars.
Grand River Cellars

We shared one bottle of delicious semi-dry white wine.

There is a covered bridge car tour in this NE part of Ohio. We visited just one of the bridges with plans to do the tour next spring/summer.

The 228-foot-long Harpersfield Covered bridge is the longest covered bridge in Ohio.
Harpersfield Covered Bridge

Harpersfield Covered Bridge

Here comes Dave’s new Ford F-150.
Harpersfield Covered Bridge

After our wine tour, we returned to Kelly and Dave's home to chat, relax and spend the night.

What a great day it was. L-R: Dave, Kelly, Paul, Marsha, Katie, Rod

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Monday, August 24, 2015


Saturday, August 22 - Marsha loves to have a party! One of the things she likes to do is purchase wines from the different areas we travel and then have a group of family and friends over for a wine tasting party. This was our 4th year with fourteen different wines to taste. Wines from California, Arizona and Michigan were on the table this year.

Kelly and Dave act as the host and hostess.kelly and dave

Our son-in-law, Dave, acts as the wine sommelier, and did a wonderful job again this year. He hams it up pretty good giving a prompt description of the wine, what foods it is best served with, and what hidden tastes to look for during the tasting. We have a feeling he has some “wine country” in his genes.


The panel of judges.
wine tasting panel

Dave gives each taster a more than adequate sample of wine to smell, swirl and taste. We then simple hold up our fingers rating it from one to five. Not very scientific, but we like to keep it pretty simple. We judge the reds and whites separately and then at the end choose the over-all winner between the best red and the best white. This year's winner was Unruly Red. A California Red Wine bottled in 2013.

This year’s winner flaked by past winners.
wine winner

We also had a few games of cornhole as a warm-up activity while we waited for the tasters to arrive. Of course, there was plenty of food to eat and tons of “catching-up” on the latest happening of friends and family.

Look at Paul’s form.


We all had a wonderful time and can't wait till next summer to see what wines Marsha manages to collect over the winter.

Before the big wine tasting party, Paul borrowed Dave’s pressure washer.

Paul using pressure washer

  That’s not wet.  It’s the difference between the dirty and cleaned area. What a difference!

clean driveway

Marsha finished another plastic bag mat. She is so proud of her stripes.

mat 2

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Monday, August 17, 2015


Monday, August 17 - Paul purchased a new satellite tripod and a couple accessories. The old tripod was getting pretty wobbly, and he didn't think it would last through our fall/winter travels.

satellite tripod

We both made time to help out with a home build our church is doing for the local Habitat for Humanity Organization. Marsha is the coordinator for all the snacks and meals for the days our church works on the house. This particular Saturday, she provided a delicious lunch, and Paul joined the men working on the framing of the house.

Paul and Habitat

Marsha has been very busy working on all her crafts. She found some time to create a couple of pine needle baskets. She is working on a few more also.

The orange baskets is holding some of Paul’s precious Petoskey stones he brought back from Michigan. The other is a cracker basket.pine needle baskets

As if she doesn’t have enough hobbies, Marsha found a new hobby this summer…mats for the homeless. There is a group at our church that calls themselves the Bag Ladies. They crochet plastic mats out of plastic shopping bags. It is a great way to recycle the bags and makes a great barrier between the person lying on the cold or wet ground. She has set a goal of making one a month. It takes about 700-900 bags to make one mat and about 70-90 hours. The size of the mats are about
3 1/2 feet wide by 5 1/2 feet long. Yes….just about every free minute she has goes to making the mats. She really enjoys it.

plastic mats for homeless

Marsha baked 92 loaves of various sizes of Zucchini bread. She freezes most of the loaves. We love it with coffee in the morning. She also gives away tons and tons of the loaves to family and friends.

Marsha making zucchini bread.

Just a small sample of the loaves and muffins.zucchini bread

As mentioned in a previous blog, Paul has been Mr. Trapper this summer keeping busy re-locating about a dozen groundhogs and raccoons. Marsha still noticed something was digging around her bird feeders so Paul set the trap again expecting to catch another raccoon. Well, you might of guessed it......a SKUNK was in the trap the next morning! YIKES!!

Paul has trapped and relocated numerous animals over the years and this is the first time he trapped a skunk. With no experience moving a skunk he resorted to Google. He found that many areas have laws against relocation of skunks because of their tendency to be carriers of rabies. Also, there's that threat of getting sprayed.

He was successful in getting the trap covered with a tarp and not getting the proverbial skunk treatment. Actually, it was fairly easy to get that cover in place. That skunk was probably happy to get out of the hot sun. Now how to lift the trap into the back end of his truck? He didn't want to get the skunk upset again and have it let loose with that killer smell.



Since it was only digging around the bird feeders and eating wasted seed, Paul decided to just let it go here. It wasn't eating Marsha's flowers or digging in the yard. If it continued to be a nuisance, he could always re-trap it and attempt to relocate it.

So, Paul simple released the lock on the cage door before removing the tarp. He stepped back and yanked the tarp away letting the trap door fall open. Peppy La Pew ran across the yard, under the 5th wheel, along the fence and into the neighbor's driveway culvert. We'll see if he is brave enough to risk the rage of “trapper Paul” in the future.



Peppy la Pew

We have had some of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen in Ohio. We were visiting with dear friends who live on the lake by our house and witness a gorgeous sunset.



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