Monday, October 8, 2018


Saturday, September 30 – Marsha pulled off another GREAT party. This is something she's been working hard on all summer preparing for our daughter, Kelly's, baby shower. We had reserved a 20' x 20' tent in case of rain, but the weather turned out pleasant for a fall day in Ohio. The tent still added a nice touch and provided a place for some to sit to get out of the direct rays of the sun. Over 55 people attended the “baby shower/picnic.” It was an unusual baby shower because not only were lady family and friends invited to share in celebrating Kelly and Dave’s upcoming baby, but it also included husbands, children, and significant others! Most of the men said it was the best baby shower they ever attended. Although most admitted it was the first baby shower they were invited to.

The theme was Jungle Animals which is the same theme used by Kelly to decorate the baby's room. They chose not to have the baby's sex revealed to them. Marsha had a magnificent time searching for jungle decorations and making animal themed food, drinks, and table center pieces. She made most of the decorations and with the help of family, prepared all the food. She even put Paul to work doing some of the tasks she found difficult to complete. Carrie, Kelly's sister, flew in from Houston and went straight to work helping Marsha get ready for the party. Those girls didn't stop until it was time to start the party!

Some of the center pieces.

Some of Kelly and Dave’s favorite toys and blankets when they were little ones.
baby table

Thank you table.
thank you table

Dessert table
dessert table

Food anyone?

There was plenty of conversation, but of course what would a baby shower be without a couple games. There was Guess the Expected Mother's Girth, clothes pin collecting by the attendee getting others to say the word “baby”, Corn Hole, touch football for the kids, and guess the animal crackers in the jug for the kiddos.

Everyone had a wonderful time. Of course, Kelly an Dave received an abundance of great gifts to get ready for the baby expected in November. Enough gifts to fill Dave's pickup truck with a little overflow that we'll haul to there home next weekend.

Much love for the baby.

Beautiful day for a shower.
opening gifts

Big and little kids enjoying the super weather.

Kelly and Dave had a marvelous time. This will be our first grandbaby, and we are so excited. Mother and baby are doing great. Now the dad might be a little nervous. LOL

Mom and dad
dave and kelly

Excited grandparents and Aunt Carrie.


Time to update our readers on our plans for the future. We've sold our Cameo 5th wheel, and our Ford 350 DRW pick-up.

Now you see it.

Now you don’t.
empty diveway

We are not sure what the future holds for traveling, although we do not want to give it up completely. We are leaning toward the idea of a smaller travel trailer to use for shorter excursions to escape the winter weather in Ohio for several months.

Our plans for this winter are still up in the air. We would like to head to the Houston, Texas, area after the Christmas Holidays to spend a couple months. We are looking at Airbnb housing options but may look for the travel trailer option as mentioned above.

We both have some health issues that make us reluctant to spend much time out in the boonies like we enjoyed doing in past years. We can't count the number of times we've thought about how health issues could have been disastrous if they would have occurred while at Big Bend NP this past winter. We don't want to avoid living but no use pushing our luck either! Unfortunately, we are getting older.

So we've decided to reduce the extent of our “blogging adventure.” We will sure miss exploring this great country and all the friends we've made the past nine plus years during our full and part-time RV life. Hopefully, we'll stay connected and will be able to meet-up somewhere down the road. It has been a great ride. Thanks everyone for riding along with us. We love y’all.

Take care and safe travels!

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  1. That shower looked incredible. We've enjoyed riding along with you on your adventures and meeting you in Tonopah. We do understand about the medical issues and pray for both of you. We will also pray for the new arrival.

  2. Will sure miss your adventures and beautiful family. But completely understand, we keep moving around, seeing all we can before our time comes to settle down. Please update us when the new "bundle of joy" is here next month. The best to you and Marsha. Becki

  3. Yep As I am finding out, those medical concerns can certainly cut my desire to get out really remote down a lot. Be safe, the grand kids need you to tickle them.

  4. Marsha is a party planner extraordinaire.

    Lots of our original group are downsizing to smaller rigs for travel. I hope you are able to continue.

  5. Great Shower for Kelly, Dave and all those who attended.
    The day will come that everyone has to think about things differently including traveling.
    Don't give up on the Blogging because you have a Entire Family of Friends wanting to know that you are Okay and when the Baby arrives.
    Guess we'll have to find some other way to say Hello.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. OH, i will miss you, loved hearing about your travels and even your settling into Ohio... Changes in life.... great to have a grandbaby tho!!! Exciting for the family!

  7. The Showers sure looks like a great time was had by all.
    Sad to hear about selling you truck an trailer, but there comes a time for everyone to hang up the keys, With lunch we can enjoy a few more years.
    Glad that you still plane to do some travelling around the country .


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