Friday, April 30, 2010


Thursday, April 29 – We played Mexican Train for the last time this evening. Had to say good-bye to our domino playing friends. Marsha pulled it off with out tears. Way-to-go Marsha!!!!! LOL

Here are some pictures of our dear friends. We miss you already.

Fran and Wayne..they are setting up for a play.


Louise and Paul


Marsha’s dear friend, Peggy.


Unlike Mexican Spinner,  Mexican Train has different rules, set up and strategy. This is what some of the layouts look like when someone wins.




A special friend stopped by to say hello.


Marsha found this blow up Longhorn on the give away table. She was so excited. She picked it up, plugged it in, and sent Kelly a text asking her if she wanted to put it in her classroom. Kelly said “Sure.” We now have it in the MH.

Friday, April 30 – WE FINALLY HIT THE ROAD TODAY!!!!! YEA!!!! We pulled out of Livingston, TX at 8:30 am and arrived at Ameristar Casino Campground in Vicksburg, MS at about 3:30 pm. It is overcast and a rainy day.




This is our campground. Nothing to write home about but price is right and it is in sooooo close to the historical center of Vicksburg. The roads are paved, all sites are pull-thru and paved, and each site has a paved patio with a picnic table.




It was an uneventful first drive of any distance since my back surgery. Even Bella enjoyed the trip sitting for a long time on Marsha's lap. She only spent a little time under the couch – her normal travel site – she's such a scary cat. We will be here about 3 days checking out the historical sights and venturing to the casinos in the evenings. We are camped on the shores of the GREAT MISSISSIPPI.....well, actually across the street. It sure is a big river!

Some pictures of the Might Mississippi.



This is the bridge we went over to Vicksburg.


This is the very old railroad bridge that went over the Mississippi. They no longer use this bridge.




Where the railroad came out from under the ground.


So happy that we are traveling again. Thanks for stopping by. Our next post will be of historic Vicksburg.

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  1. We are really missing you guys! Wayne and I are the only two of our domino group left and we haven't played since you left. Waaa! And, they moved Happy Hour to the clubhouse. You are lucky you left before having to try to hear what is being said there. The room is totally bare of any fabrics or surfaces that would absorb sound, so it all bounces off walls and ceiling. You would think "they" would do something about this, but I guess they think since almost everyone clears out for the summer it doesn't make any difference. I'll be here for 2 more weeks and won't go back to Happy Hour, and Wayne says he won't, either.
    Your pictures and narrative are the best! I can't wait to get back on the road and see some new places. Gotta upgrade my blog first, tho.
    Stay safe and know you're missed!
    Hugs, Fran


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