Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sunday, October 10 - After the final balloon launch this morning we began preparations for leaving the Festival Park and returning to High Desert RV Park for a week's stay. We plan on RESTING after our twelve days boondocking. We are thrilled to say we did not have to dump our tanks or re-fill our fresh water tank the entire time here (12 days).

It was another beautiful day for balloon flying. Even though several hundred balloonist left, the sky was still filled with beauty.

Spirit of New Mexico


Cameron 210


Sky Flyer


Little Bee


Surprisingly, there were even several new ones that we hadn’t seen before.



I Love New York


Rainbow Thru Heaven


We didn’t mention in past blogs all the different countries that brought balloons. Exciting how far some of them traveled.

Belgium Brazil Canada
France Germany Japan
Ireland Lithuania Mexico
Netherlands New Zealand Poland
South Africa Spain United Kingdom

Before pulling out we started cleaning the inside of the MH. With the dusty conditions at the Balloon RV Park everything is filthy. Time for “fall” house cleaning. We wiped everything down...all the wood, countertops, glass, ceiling, and swept the floor. We will definitely have to clean the outside next!

After we finished cleaning it was only 10:30. To Marsha’s surprise this is what she saw Paul doing….now remember it is only 10:30 AM!!!


YES THAT IS A BEER IN HIS HAND! He said he thought it was later than 10:30…RIGHT Paul!

We arrived at the RV park about 11:30. Each time we check in we ask for an end spot if possible. They are usually bigger, and Bella likes only having one neighbor to worry about…LOL



We are on a short street, which is really nice.


Spent the rest of the day enjoying ELECTRICITY. It is amazing how much of a difference that makes.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back real soon. Enjoy your day!


  1. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I've really enjoyed the experience. And I agree with Jeri - it's a lot more fun to boondock with a bunch of people. Makes those 12 days go by much faster. We can go about that long now too. We're learning how to conserve more everytime we dry camp. See ya in Yuma.

  2. Wow! 12 days! I wonder if we can even come close to that? We haven't pushed ourselves yet in the new RV and I've relearned to love standing under the flowing shower water so Yuma, if we get there. could be a major test for us.

  3. We loved our trip down the Natchez Trace despite a couple of tight spots. I would do it again. Of coarse I know where the tight spots are will have to try and make the the balloon fest one of these days, sounds and looks great. Hope to catch up with you down the road.

  4. Thanks for letting us live vicariously at the festival.. and tell Paul he is allowed to have a beverage anytime he wants :)


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