Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Monday, December 13 – Brrrrrrrrrrr!!! Woke-up to 32 degrees this morning in Houston. How cold was it where you live? I see on my weather watch that it was 16 degrees in Canton, OH (our former hometown) and 45 degrees in Mission, TX are next destination. Much of the Nation is firmly in the grip of Old Man Winter....pretty early I would say!

Last night Paul turned on the rear furnace. When the forecast calls for COLD weather, we turn on the rear furnace. It distributes heat to the holding tanks and the basement storage areas. Don't want pipes and such freezing now do we! Well, much to his surprise it sounded like the furnace fan was full of rocks! Ahhhh.....those darn mud-dobber wasps were at it!!! This morning, Paul raised to door covering the furnace area and removed the furnace blower fan and cleaned it out. Just a small nest, but what a racket it made.


In the pictures, you notice the furnace on top.


Below the furnace on the right, the smaller of the two black tanks, is called the “black-water” tank. It is for holding waste water from the toilet and holds about forty gallons of.....enough said on the subject... :=)


The larger of the two black tanks, is called the “gray-water” tank. It is for holding waste water from the three sinks and shower. It is approximately sixty gallons in size.


Finally, the largest tank, the white tank on the bottom, is our fresh water tank. It is for holding our “on-board” fresh water supply. We use this when NOT hooked up to city utilities. It holds approximately 100 gallons of water. Look closely and you might be able to see we have about a half tank of water.


Hope you enjoyed the tour of our holding tanks. When full, there is quite a bit of weight here. That explains why they are located just in front of the dual rear wheels.

Let’s see. It is December 13…8 days until the first day of Winter. Look at the pictures below and see what is going on here in Houston.



Your eyes do not deceive you. THEY ARE MOWING! It doesn’t matter how long we are here or how many times, we just can’t get over the weather.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all again. Have a great day!


  1. We had the mud dauber nest all the way up into the furnance burners on the motorhome one year. Our furnance would not light. You need to put screens over all the openings

  2. Right now we're living in Arizona so the temperature has been in the 80's. However, a cold front is coming for a few days. It's going down to the low 70's.

    I hate wasps!

  3. ummmmmm, let me see, not too long ago somebody told me I was in the wrong part of the country, gosh. Paul do you remember who that might have been?

  4. One of the first things I had Stu do when we moved in together was put an outside screen over the furnace vents. I had them on my Class C. He said he'd never had that happen, I told him it was just a matter of time. LOL!

  5. With all they work they've been doing on our furnace lately, I'm pretty sure we don't have any mud dauber nests in there.

    I'm not sure how happy I'd be with my black and gray tanks being ABOVE my fresh water tank. Of course, I don't know where ours are so may this is a case of ignorance is bliss? :)

  6. What a fun post. I know all about our tanks but now I know who I am going to "borrow" water from. Thanks Paul, keep me chuckling.


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