Sunday, March 27, 2011


Saturday, March 26 – We went over to Kelly's apartment today to celebrate Paul's birthday. It's actually Sunday, but today is a better day to get together with our daughters. We sat by the pool and visited for several hours. Kelly’s friend brought her new little puppy over to visit us.



This little sweetie wanted to give him a hug, but Gizmo wanted to give her kiss instead.

We watched some NCAA basketball (March Madness), had dinner (Salmon on the grill. Marsha had a new recipe for a sauce. YUMMY!), birthday cake, and played a couple games ( Farkle and Rats). The birthday boy began nodding off a little after ten o'clock, so it was time to head home. We had an great day with the girls.

How many candles are on that cake?


Sunday, March 27 – HAPPY BIRDAY TO PAUL. Yep another year has come and gone. Last year at this time he was recovering from his back surgery. What a difference a year makes. No big plans that he knows of but Marsha said she had some plans for later today. Sounds INTERESTING!


We finally came up with some TENTATIVE PLANS for our next couple of months travel. Here's what we've PENCILED in for the summer. CAUTION.....these plans are done in pencil and could, and most likely will, change several times!

Segment I – April through June

  1. Livingston, TX

  2. Frisco, TX

  3. Oklahoma City, OK

  4. Eureka Springs, AR

  5. Branson, MO

  6. Mountain Home, AR

  7. Mountain View, AR

  8. Little Rock, AR

  9. Hot Springs, AR

  10. Murfreesboro, AR

  11. Shreveport, LA

  12. Stafford, TX

Segment II – July through September

  1. Kinder, LA

  2. Bay St. Louis, MS

  3. Foley, AL

  4. Red Bay, AL

  5. Kentucky Bourbon Trail

  6. Cincinnati, OH

  7. Canton, OH

  8. Gettysburg, PA

  9. Gaffney, SC

  10. Augusta, GA

  11. Charleston, SC

  12. Amelia Island, FL (if brother John is there)

  13. Destin, FL

  14. Bay St. Louis, MS

  15. Kinder, LA

  16. Stafford, TX

If any of you will be in any of these areas, let us know. We would really enjoyed meeting up with you for a long happy hour.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. I thought Paul was getting a new puppy for a birthday present.

    Happy Birthday Paul and I'm so glad this year is better than last year's after the surgery. You're going to be wandering in areas way to far south and east for us this year. We're going to stay west and north.

    Someday, someplace we will have happy hour.

  2. Sounds like a busy but enjoyable travel season. I hope the Tiffen and Freightliner stops are for maintenance not problems.

  3. Yikes. A schedule! Yeah I know written in pencil and can be changed. I am always in trouble for being organized but I have about 3 stops ahead at any one time.

  4. We should be able to catch up with you in Livingston. We should be there around the 1st of April. We should be there for at least 2 weeks.

    Happy Birthday Paul!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Paul. Are you 39 ... again?

    I agree with Toni --- YIKES!! We usually have a few ideas but never, never a full year of planning. If we ever did, we'd have to buy more chalk! Maybe that happy hour will be next fall in Texas but that's about all I can guess.

  6. Happy Birthday Paul..... That's a lot travel in 6 months. If you are Family Motor Coach you can stay free in Cincinnati.

  7. Ambitious travel plans! Would be nice if the diesel/gas prices would go back down again.


  8. Belated Happy Birthday.

    Looks like a good travel plan. I'll keep up with your blog because we are going to a few of the same places - Gettysburg, Charleston.

    That little Gizmo is adorable.

    I have two foggy headlight covers on my Honda - maybe a trip to Harbor Freight will be in our future.


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