Sunday, May 15, 2011


Saturday, May 14 – The group of men that run the Elks campground – The Traveling Elks – had a fish fry this evening.....everything was free! They had fried catfish, fries, fried jalapenos, gumbo, and dessert. You provided your own beverages. They had a drawing for a quilt, and a silent auction and raised $600. The food was delicious.

Our cooks.



We talked to all types of people and met a couple from California and another couple from Connecticut. We spent the evening talking about our travels. The event was really well attended (free food) and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Sunday, May 15 – We headed to Amarillo this morning (there's a tune in there.....”Amarillo by Morning.....”). Boy is it flat up here.


We had a little delay when our air bags wouldn't air up......hmmmmm. Not really sure what the problem was but after messing around, we were able to get aired up. We went for a test run down the road a couple miles before hooking up the car. All seemed okay so we hit the road.

We arrived in Amarillo, TX,  two and a half hours later with no problems. We're staying at the Oasis RV Campground, which was recommended by a friend back in Livingston.The Oasis RV Park is very nice.

Our site, #26, is very big. We have a concrete site and paved roads.



Looking down both ways on our road.


Notice all the big trees in Amarillo…….LOL


Pool, adult hot tub, meeting rooms, laundry.


Pool \


Hot tub


Because we are only a couple of miles from Cadillac Ranch, the RV Park thought it would be a great selling point to bury an RV. If you click here, you can watch how they did it.



By signing up for their discount card, you get a free day for every two paid days......good deal!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Just be thankful your vehicles aren't stuck in the dirt too! That would really be a picture you wouldn't want to see! Cool shots of the others though .....

  2. Don't miss the museum at Canyon, TX

  3. We would have starved at your dinner! Fried, fried, fried.

    Neat pictures as usual!

  4. Welcome to Amarillo!! And they say Chicago is the Windy City!! I beg to differ!! My parents stayed at the Oasis in 2014 and they had the worst wind storm we'd had in years!!! Several of their RV club went home . . .it was AWEFUL!! They like to stay at Fort Amarillo (were Lizzie Mays is) when they come to visit us.

    I enjoyed reading your story about your trip here to our town. We've lived here for 39 years and you saw more in the few days you were here than we've seen in 39 years. Like . . . I've never been to a cattle auction. LOL!! Safe travels . . . we'll be joining the FTing nation in 2017 if all works our in our favor. :)

  5. I forgot to mention . . . The Oasis RV park was probably brand new when you stayed there. AND, trees grow really slowly here. When someone wants to remove a tree we freak out and wonder "WHY?" it takes them so long to grow . . . leave it alone. LOL!! They've grown some in that park, but not a lot.


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