Thursday, June 9, 2011


Tuesday, June 7 - Our replacement air conditioner is in at PPL of Houston. We had a 8:30 am appointment to have it installed. We arrived by 8:15, but of course, they didn't start the repairs until 10:15. Once started the replacement was completed within an hour. The most difficult part of this job would be placing the heavy unit on the roof of the MH and removing the old unit. They made an easy job of that by using a forklift truck.



Out with the old.


In with the new.


The installation was completed in no time, and we headed back to the Elks campground. Unbelievable......NO CHARGE!!! Not even a diagnostic fee or labor fee. Paul's shocked. We'll wait and see if we get a bill in the mail. The AC is running great, and we are finally comfortable in the MH. It will get a good test because it's been over 100 degrees the last several days in Houston.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. WOW! That's the kind of bills we like to get too --- zero due!

    Stay cool!

  2. Free is always good.... I liked the comment about the lizard on our blog. You tell by the

  3. Zero, zilch, nada - wonderful. Glad you got it working with the heat you guys are having. It's cold and raining here.

  4. The paint does't match! How are you going to live with that Paul?

    Enjoy the COOL.

    N & D

  5. N & D: Paul will paint it like he did the other one.

  6. aaaaaaah what a relief it is! Stay cool you two.

  7. FREEEEE!!! Now there's a word I love!! Happy to hear you guys are cool again :)


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