Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Tuesday, June 28 – After our wonderful lunch, we were close by the Elks so decided to stop at the MH and check to see if the thunderstorm scared one of the lives out of Bella, our cat. She was asleep on the dashboard but the blinking microwave clock let us know the power was out for awhile. She's doing a good job watching over things, so we headed to The Winery.



The Winery sells local wines made right here in Hot Springs Area.


They advertise tours but only have a small museum of several wine making instruments. They do serve small tastes of nine different wines they have available.

Paul was having such a good time tasting the wines that Marsha had to say, "It is all gone, Paul. Put the glass down!"


We purchased two bottles. An Arkansas White, a delightful Muscadine wine that “made Arkansas famous”, and a Texas Delight, “a popular white wine made from a special blend of grapes.” The winery also has a gift shop with a wide variety of specialty items associated with wines.

There bottles holders cracked us up!



Marsha's favorite. She asked if she could just buy the cork but she was told she had to buy the entire thing….DARN!


This evening we went over to the Elks Lodge to collect our free “out of towner” drink and to say “hello” to several of our fellow Elks. As visiting out of townees, we always found the Elks members a very friendly group. We spent most of the evening chatting with our new neighbors, Deryl and Polly. What a nice couple. They have been full-timing for eight years. This summer they will add their last state to their map…North Dakota.

Another full day in Hot Springs. We still have some more exciting plans for tomorrow our last day.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!



  1. You could always have Paul carve you one of those bottle stoppers.

  2. Those bottle stoppers are definitely something else. Hope you bought a collection of those too that you could share!

  3. Love the bottle stoppers. Are you stocking up for when you get to Joe's?

  4. I agree; love the cork but not the beach chair.


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