Monday, July 25, 2011


Monday, July 24 – We got into Service Bay #17 this morning at 7a.m. to have the roof rails replaced on our motorhome.


This is the caps where the roof meets the sidewalls. They are made of fiberglass, as is the roof, and Tiffin has found they do not hold up and become wrinkled and could begin to leak. As a result, they are replacing them under their ten year structural warranty.



All set up and ready to begin.

They begin by cutting out the old fiberglass rails. Surprising this fiberglass is not very thick. Probably only about a quarter inch thick. They just cut it out and peel it back like a banana.



Once the old is removed, they form the aluminum using a machine much like seamless home gutters are manufactured.



New piece ready to be installed.


They then slide the new aluminum rails under the roof edge and over the lip of the wall. This is then screwed and glued into place.

All areas are then caulked and allowed to dry over night or longer, before painting.




We are being sent to a private contractor in town for the painting. Custom Paint & Body, owned by a former Tiffin employee, will be doing the painting. By going there, we were able to eliminate waiting time and get the job finished tomorrow. We also have a couple spots they are going to touch up while in the paint booth.

Marsha and Bella (our cat) stayed in the MH during this repair. Poor Bella. The grinding and cutting tool must have scared her to death. They do have a waiting room, but there are too many people with pet dogs that scare are tiny kitty. She hid under the bed in the MH and gutted it out.....LOL!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Poor Bella. Jim was up on the roof of our rig today and Scooter was going nuts. If she could, she's climb inside me trying to get away from the scary noises. Sure glad you guys are getting all your work taken care of.

  2. Isn't the nicest part of the whole thing that Tiffin is paying for it and you don't have to get your wallet out?

  3. It looks like Tiffen's reputation for excellent service is secure. Poor Bella, though. I doubt that was much fun for Marsha either.

  4. Yeah! Now time to head home to Canton!

  5. Whoa. It's a relief you've dealt with that a.s.a.p., especially considering the roofing that area entails. You can only guarantee by yourself the best proper materials as protection.

    Toby @ Tittle Brothers Construction

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