Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Monday, July 11 – WOW!!! What a day! Paul started the day by going down to the Tiffin Parts Store to pick-up some Tiffin parts he's been wanting. While looking at some items, he received a phone call from the service department asking him to report to service Bay #32. We weren't expected to get in until Thursday, so this was wonderful news.


Our service technician, Stanley, replaced our slide-out motor.

Paul and Stanley discussing the situation. 2-paul-and-stanley

Testing the new motor before it is mounted.3-testing-motor

Installation in tight quarters.

Stanley then sent us down to Bay #39 to have Brett install new springs on our leveling jacks. It was pretty interesting to see them raise our MH up on the lift. Wonder what Bella, our cat, thought about that.....she stayed in the MH during the service.

Getting ready to be lifted.

Very slowly now.

Up, Up and Away.

Paul and Bret looking the situation over.

Marsha helping to hold the front of the MH up for Brett.

Brett did the front springs with no problem. But when it came to the back, he had to have up to four guys help him.

Nasty old springs.

Beautiful new springs.

Brett tested them several times. YEA…no more getting out the board and steel rod to push them up.

They called a supervisor over to evaluate our roof rails (the curved section where the roof meets the side walls).



They informed us that they would need to be replaced. The good news is it's covered by the 10 year Tiffin Structural Warranty. The bad news (listen up Sandy!) is they can't get to it until next week. We have to be here anyway because we have an appointment on Tuesday, with Custom RV to have a residential refrigerator inverter installed. So we'll be in Red Bay, AL, for a couple weeks. YIPPIE......LOL

We were very pleased with our service today at the Tiffin Service Center.  The workers performed their jobs well, the pricing was more than fair, and they even got us in early!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Certainly wish we were getting service like you guys have. But it's going in tomorrow and I'm sure hoping they got the right part in and can get it fixed for us.

  2. I have been trying to get them to replace some double paned windows that failed but they tell me they are out of the four year warranty period. Wish I had known when we looked at the motorhome when we bought it used since it was still within the four year period. Looks like it will be on me with no help from Tiffin...

  3. It certainly is nice when everything is fixed and especially even before schedule!

  4. Sometimes things go right! Tiffen's reputation for good service continues.

  5. It's got to feel good to have those things fixed and to be able to use your slide again! There's just nothing like Tiffin for service.

  6. Looks like they are making great progress.....

  7. Glad things are moving along for you. Fulltiming makes it nice if there is a delay in just back up the "plans in butter" for another day.
    Great picture pose with Marsha holding up the MH...very clever!!

    John and Pam


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