Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tuesday, September 6 – Paul took the CRV to Summit Trailer Sales & Service today to have a hitch installed on the back for his bike rack. They did a super looks really nice.

It's a little scary to take a brand new car into the shop and have a multitude of towing equipment installed. Hope it doesn't come out looking like a tank....LOL This is the same welding shop that installed the equipment on our Jeep Liberty over two years ago, so Paul's confident they'll do quality work.

Thursday, September 8 – Today we get the Air Force 1 braking system and Blue Ox tow bar re-installed on our Honda CRV. It will take all day today and a half day on Friday to complete the installation. Most of the tow bar installation is new equipment because taking it off the Jeep, our former toad, would be more expensive than simply buying new. It would also leave the Jeep fairly unsightly for a future buyer.

This installation is being completed by Summit Trailer Sales & Service the company that did the trailer hitch on Tuesday, and the same company that installed the equipment on our Jeep Liberty two years ago.

We closed up the motor home around 3 p.m. and drove up to Summit Trailer in Akron, about a 20 mile drive. We're spending the night in their parking lot so we'll be here and ready to go first thing in the morning. We won't wake up the neighbors by being parked in Marsha's brothers driveway and won't have to battle rush hour traffic driving up here in the morning. We have electric so we should be quite comfy for the night.


Friday, September 9 – We were ready to pull into the shop here at Summit Trailer Sales & Service first thing in the morning.


The Honda installation is complete and looks great.


The guys made the final connections to the MH electrical system. Poor Rick had the job of installing a LED light under the dash that comes on when the Air Force 1 system activates the Honda brakes.


That way you know it's working and also know if the toads brakes would lock-up for some unknown reason.  This is a new addition…we didn't have this light before…..nice!


When hooking the CRV up for towing, the last step is to pull Fuse 34. Instead of pulling this fuse each time, we had them install a switch that automatically turns the fuse off.  With the switch off, we don't have to worry about a dead battery when we arrive at our new destination.


The technicians walked us through the new hookup procedure for the Honda. We were ready to pull-out and head back to Canton and Marsha's brothers driveway for the weekend.

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  1. you will get use to all those wires and hookups before you know it...

  2. Sounds good. I was going to get on you for not buying American till I looked it up and found that Honda you bought is made in Ohio and the Chevy you were looking at is made in
    Enjoy the new ride

  3. That button to turn off the fuse is a great idea. We always had to pull them out on the Malibu.

  4. Nice job to be done with! Gotta have good brakes!

  5. Go for a nice long drive, say maybe three months, and test out the new connections! We are at the point we believe we need to replace our brake system -- not sure it is working at all, and confident that it is not working all the time! Eeeek!

  6. Wish we'd had that button installed. We don't pull that fuse so had to get a jump-start of the toad once before we learned how to tow without either pulling the fuse or killing the battery.

  7. It's always nice to get the little fixits done and over with. Now you can get on the road with a peace of mind.

  8. All set up and ready to go! Happy trails!


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