Friday, September 30, 2011


Thursday, September 29 – Just what a guy needs.....another hobby. While we were camped in Louisville, the neighbor - Bob Clipfell, and Paul got acquainted. Paul was admiring a road runner whirligig Bob had made and before you knew it Bob was teaching Paul how to make these windspinners.

Bob holding two of his roadrunners.

Paul hard at work.

Paul's first stacked spinner turned out pretty good.He's going to make several more of these before he tackles a road runner. Now we have to start collecting aluminum cans....LOL

We drove to Knoxville, TN, this morning. It was a beautiful day for a drive. The roads were in excellent shape with moderate traffic.

We are staying at Raccoon Valley RV Park. It is an Escapees park. It is located just NW of Knoxville in Heiskell, TN. We are going to spend a week just relaxing…we will see how long that lasts.
Site #56

2 site

No, you don't have triple vision. What are the chances of three 05 Tiffin Phaetons, with the same paint scheme, parking in the same park in the same section? We are the middle one.
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  1. You can make good money at an RV park making those whirlies. Tell Paul to stock up as he'll have lots of neighbors wanting one.

  2. Our friend Woody makes the spinners and gave us one at Escapade this year. Too funny about the three rigs.

  3. My mom used to make those spinner things out of big plastic coke bottles, like the 2 liter size.

    Always hung them out at our campsites.


  4. I think I'd have to wear gloves. "Sheet Metal" of any kind, even if it's a pop can, and I don't really get along. I'd cut myself for sure.
    I do wish though that your pictures would get just a little bigger after clicking on them. Some of us nosier types need to see things "Bigger".
    Mind you, I haven't a clue how to sort that out, but I'm just saying.
    Nice rigs, btw.

  5. Make sure if you come home after dark you go to the right MH!!

  6. Whew! That could make walking home late night a challenge. I wonder which of you will be the first to walk into someone else's RV?

    In the meantime, we have lots of pop cans you can have. Just come get them. :)

  7. I love the spinner. You will have the most decorated coach in the park!

    Your traveling view looked like ours as we moved to NC...beautiful views.

    We stayed at Raccoon Valley last year. Very nice people. We had two dinners with them. We were parked in the spot on your passenger side, same row! How funny to have three motorhomes the same in a row!

    Stay warm!!!


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