Sunday, November 6, 2011


Wednesday, November 2 – We joined Anytime Fitness and had our first workout session this morning.


We belonged to a health club before becoming full-time RV'ers and have missed the workouts. Since we will be here for two months and in the Rio Grande Valley (RVG) for the next two months, we decided to take advantage of Anytime Fitness locations it both areas. Actually, Anytime Fitness has 1600 locations throughout the USA, so we hope to find workout locations often during our travels. We pay on a monthly basis, so we can put our membership on hold if we have trouble finding a convenient locations to workout during our travels.




Although we keep pretty active with hikes and bike riding, it's been awhile since either of us did any weight training or elliptical training, so we'll see how sore we are tomorrow. We are off to a good start so there is no stopping now!


Friday, November 4 – We got up and ready to work out. We were met with this…


YES…that is frost. Amazing, because just four hours later, we were in the the 80s.  Just a fluke for this time of year. The weather has been awesome.


Saturday, November 5 - We met up with our daughter, Carrie, this morning to catch up on her life and enjoy some college football games. She recently returned from Bogota, Columbia, and had some gifts for us. Thanks sweetie! She gave mom a beautiful necklace, ear rings, and bracelet, and for dad she had a sample of fresh ground Colombian coffee. She also gave us a nice Christmas ornament to hang on our tree.

Our first stop of the day was to find a Western shirt we could wear at a RESONSABLE price. Carrie said she knew of this really cool resale store called…


Paul and I looked at each and thought…sure we will find a shirt in here!

Well, to our amazement Paul bought TWO shirts and Marsha one. How does that saying go…Don't judge a book by its cover…or in other words….don't judge a store by its name.

We did find a few thousand things we could live without.


Now why exactly would be need this?

We went to one of the many sports bars on Washington Street in Houston to watch the game and enjoy each others' company. One of Carrie's favorite places is Tapps.


Being such a competitive family, of course, we had to mix in several games of corn hole. Paul won the first two games, and Carrie the second. Marsha complained that her RED bags were so flimsy…of course due to this she ended up in last the first game. Well, Paul had heard enough. He switched bags with her to prove it wasn't the bag. You guessed it…Paul came in last the last game. Could it be the RED bags?

What form…



It's so nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors in shorts and t-shirts in November...ahhhhh!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Oh how I envy those to you with the determination to hit the gym for a morning workout. Was I not born with the gene I wonder?

  2. I wasn't born with that workout gene either. But you guys are definitely looking good. Must be the red bags.

  3. Finding a way to keep up with weight training in the MH isn't easy. I have free weights and ankle weights I travel with, as well as my exercise ball (which I move to the living room at night and back to the bed during the day). I know the ball can be a pain but I love having it for my weight work. I also have elastic bands on my recliner for leg work. I finally got my back in a good place and refused to let it go. Glad you were able to find a gym near by. John thought we should look into this for our lengthy stays in FL.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. We hit a second store last week and I found a leather coat with the tags still on it $250 for $60 what a deal.

  5. Good for you! Some of those resale shops are absolutely fantastic. If you ever find a Tommy Bahama shirt with the embroidery on the back, grab it. Terry's been looking but I won't let him spend the $150 it retails for.

  6. We walk 2 miles almost every day. I don't think I have that gene that gets you to the gym every day either. Oh... maybe I'm just getting lazy in my old age.

  7. I made it a point to learn exercises I could do in our RV. I didn't do them regularly but at least I knew I could. Workouts tend to happen for me only if there's a group scheduled to do them. Anything I can do anytime tends not to happen. Now that we are "parked" for awhile, I may rejoin the gym we can see from our windows and attend their aqua aerobics and their strength training classes.

  8. The pictures of your workouts in the gym almost inspired me to do the same here at the gym in our RV Park - almost!!!

  9. Glad you are having a great visit with Carrie. We try to keep active too, but it isn't the same as going to a gym to work out. I used to work at a health club and used the facilities regularly as is was a perk for working there. We also had good gym equipement at home that Kevin and our son used on a regular basis. Good for you to start back into it. It will be nice that you will be able to use it throughout your travels in the USA.

    Kevin and Ruth


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