Monday, November 28, 2011


Sunday, November 27 – We noticed last Tuesday a hunk of Bella's hair on the chair. We had no idea how it got there. Just a short time later, Marsha saw Bella biting her backside and pulling the hair out. She tried to stop her but Bella was determined to bite herself. We put Hartline Flea meds on her each month and couldn't believe she had fleas. We decided to run to the store and grab a flea collar and flea powder. Come Friday, we noticed she had more hair missing and almost two bald spots on her backside. Time to get aggressive.

Paul asked a couple who live her to recommend a Veterinarian. They HIGHLY recommend Cambridge Post Oak Animal Clinic and Dr. Jacob. Paul called, and they got us in first thing on Saturday morning. We loaded up the little girl in the car. She isn't quiet sure what it going on.




Dr. Jacob and his assistant were WONDERFU! He did all the necessary steps to eliminate certain problems.


Now Bella wasn't too excited about this part of the exam. She was very touchy!


The Doctor showed us how dry her skin is and how flaky it is. No fleas found anywhere.


He said he believes she has some sort of allergy, and it is giving her very dry skin. He gave her and injection and an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement called Aller G-3 to put on her food once a day. We were so happy with the service. They were both very professional and wonderful to Bella.

Now that we are home, it looks like someone is hungry.


Well, the good news is the injection did the job. She is no longer biting herself, BUT she won't eat the food. We put only 1/2 squirt on the food, but she smells it and walks away. We just add some new food to the old and are waiting for her to get hungry enough to eat. She hasn't touched the food since lunch yesterday. Any one have this same problem with your pet? How did you get them to eat the food? The Vet said it would take a few weeks for the supplement to show a much shinier coat.

Today is Virginia Tech's last regular football game against arch rival Virginia. The football watch party was held at Sawyer's Sports Bar. We had front seats for the big screen TV. Here is just part of the crew ready to cheer VT onto VICTORY!


VT gets on the scoreboard first. 7-0.


YEA! Another touchdown. 14-0


VT went on to scores three more touchdowns and a field goal to win 38-0. VT won their division of the ACC. They now will play Clemson next Saturday night for the ACC Championship.

Thanks for inviting us, Carrie. We had a super time.


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  1. Glad to see that Bella is no longer pulling out her hair. You two sure do run around with a mighty young crowd!

  2. Until we had a cat (now living with my sister) I did not realize animals suffered with allergies. This one would lose hair and have knobby bumps all around her neck. It seems to come and go.

    Sure hope your little girl takes to the treatment.

  3. Poor Bella! I don't have a cat so I can't give advice. Just hope she decides to finally eat her food. She probably will when she gets hungry enough - it's hard to wait them out though.

    We've been to Rattlesnake Saloon - we've been everywhere around Red Bay (that didn't take long)- enjoyed the saloon, would return but not at 36 degrees and upcoming snow.

    Wishing Bella a speedy recovery.

  4. Can't be any help with Bella's problem, but from your description, we knew it wasn't fleas. GOod luck getting her to eat!

  5. Tried to post a comment, but dojn't think it worked. Try again.

    No hel with Bella's problem with eating. From your description, though, we knew it wasn't fleas. Good luck getting her to eat.

  6. Tried to post a comment, but dojn't think it worked. Try again.

    No hel with Bella's problem with eating. From your description, though, we knew it wasn't fleas. Good luck getting her to eat.

  7. Paul you are a lucky man to always get your picture taken with the pretty ladys..

  8. My poor little Bella. I feel so bad for her. My friend has a cat with allergies and her vet told her that a cat will starve to death before they will eat food they don't like. Not like a dog who will eat it if they get hungry enough. She tried about a hundred different kinds of cat food and finally gave up. Sure wish I could offer better words of advice for her.

  9. Hope Bella takes to her food pretty soon and gets all better.

    The football game looked like fun!

  10. Gingee has been biting lots lately too but no fleas. I wonder if she has dry skin too? That could be. Sorry that I don't have suggestions about getting your little love to eat. They can be so particular. Might have to give her the squirt straight?

  11. So happy to hear Bella got help before she got herself completely BALD. Yikes! How embarrassing would THAT have been for all of you. LOL

    Exciting game coming up this weekend between VA Tech and Clemson! Go Hokies!

  12. hey looks like you all had fun at the sports bar...

  13. So glad to hear that Bella is doing better and eating her food again. Hope all goes well.

    Kevin and Ruth


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