Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tuesday, November 22 – We spent most of our weekend with our daughter, Carrie. We did some outlet mall shopping on Saturday and watched a ton of great college football games. On Sunday, Carrie came down and watched the Cleveland Browns WIN. 

We do most of our shopping in an area known as Missouri City. It is a newer area of Houston with every store imaginable. When driving there, we pass a walking park, Mosley Park. This 3.08-acre park is on the sloping banks of Oyster Creek. The park includes picnic facilities and parking surrounded by glorious pecan trees for a picture perfect setting. This trail is a head location for the Oyster Creek Jogging Trail. There is parking available, as well as an excellent opportunity for fishing.






The region’s first Edible Arbor Trail is located in Mosley Park. It features groves of newly planted hardy trees and shrubs that will produce edible fruits and nuts. The unique environmental project includes educational signage detailing tree facts and displaying sponsor logos. Ultimately, it will give visitors a chance to experience and taste nature.The Trail was just dedicated on November 10.










This was a new one on us…Mexican Persimmon.18-perimmon

Well, it seems me made a huge mistake in our last blog. Thank you to all who just ignored our ignorance and read on. BUT, our daughter, Carrie who lives in Houston, caught the mistake. We both can't believe that we didn't catch it. What was the mistake you ask? When we showed the picture of the traffic, we miss labeled the outer loop as I-610. It is really the Sam Houston Toll Road. That makes the inner loop I-610. So sorry for leading you astray!


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!




  1. What fun to be able to shop with Carrie and just hang together.

    Love the idea of the edible trail and loved that Kroger sign...missing Kroger.

  2. and I was going go that way when we were there.... Sure glad made the correction on that one....lol
    Looks like a pretty cool park to visit

  3. That's one good looking park for sure.

  4. You can graze along the trail just like the other animals!! Interesting to know you can eat the path but not sure I'd want to.

    Carrie was probably the only one who noticed the error.

  5. Figs! Hubby coming from Louisiana loves figs. His mother canned them each year. We've tried growing fig trees in NJ but never had any luck. Some people do but they need lots of care during the colder months.

    Persimmons - we do have wild ones in this area. They had eaten after the first frost. Until then they are too bitter.

    What a great idea - an edible trail. We need to keep this in mind next time we are in the area. Thanks for the info.

  6. I was going to tell you that you labeled the map wrong but I didn't want to be a "know it all" like Carrie...hahaha. Have a good Thanksgiving! Love you!

  7. An edible trail? Now, that's my kind of hike! Thanks for the tour and pics!

  8. Nice park. I lived in Houston from 1969 to 1972. I doubt I could recognize any of the streets now.


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