Thursday, December 15, 2011


Saturday, December 10 – Marsha is flying home to Ohio this morning for the holidays. With winter in full effect.....there could be SNOW in, Paul chose to hang out in Houston until Marsha returns.


Actually, Marsha has two reasons for returning to Ohio. Not only will she be sharing Christmas with her dad, brothers and sister and two daughters, but she will also be having eye surgery. As mentioned in a previous post, when we were in Ohio this fall for visits and doctor appointments, the doctor decided that her drooping eyelids were now affecting her vision. Unfortunately, insurance approval took time so surgery was scheduled to coincide with her holiday visit. She will be going “under the knife” on December 16, so keep her in your prayers.

This morning, Marsha will be flying out of Bush International Airport and arriving in Akron/Canton Airport later this afternoon. The plane was right on time.


What a GREAT day to fly!


OH NO…the GREAT day didn't last long. This is what it looked like when she was approaching Chicago…YUCK!



Chicago is beautiful from the air.


But good-old Ohio pulled through…clear skies, no snow.


Our daughter, Kelly, will be there to greet her. Carrie will fly to Ohio later in the month to join the family for Christmas. It should be a very enjoyable Christmas for the gals!

On Friday, we exchanged Christmas gifts. Marsha won't post her picture because she is too self-conscience about her eyes. But Paul is a gamer. He finally asked and received a gift from Marsha that the kids and Marsha have been bugging him about…A BIKE HELMET!!!


He had to check out how well it would protect his head.



Tuesday, December 13 – We recently received a recall notice for our new Honda CRV. It involves a needed computer adjustment necessary for improved fuel economy. We are currently getting about 25 mpg so any improvement would be a bonus. Called Gillman Honda, located about a mile from the Elks Lodge where we are parked, and they were able to get me in the first thing this morning. Paul will wait around the dealership while adjustments are completed.


The Service Recall only took about 30 minutes and Paul was on his way. He really liked the way this dealership service area was arranged. Drive-up entry where the information is written up.


They have a nice waiting room with coffee and free popcorn and newspapers, and a large window over-looking the service area so you can watch the progress and servicing of your vehicle.


Our car is on the right in the forefront.

They also do a free multipoint inspection and have a free exterior car wash. Nice!

Back in Ohio…Marsha is busy visiting family, friends, baking cookies and shopping. She did all her pretesting on Tuesday. EKG, blood work, blood pressure, etc. all came back good. She won't know what time surgery will be until Thursday. She does know she needs to be there two hours before the surgery. The surgery takes about two and a half hours and recovery about two. Our sister-in-law, Chris, will take her and pick her up. This way if the weather is bad Marsha's dad doesn't have to drive. The nurse made the strangest request. She told Marsha to purchase two bags of frozen peas. She explained that the package of peas would conform to the shape of her eyes much better than an ice pack. She is all set and really looking forward to getting her eyes done.

This will probably be our last post until she is feeling better. So until then, we wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HANUKKAH.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Glad the flight to Ohio was uneventful. I like uneventful flights. The bike hat sure looks cute on Paul. I'm going to cross my fingers that he never falls from the bike to see if it works or not.

    Happy Holidays to you both.

  2. Hope everything goes well for Marsha. Don't get to lonely while she's gone.

  3. hope everything goes well for Marsha she will be in our prayers...I use frozen peas for ice packs all the time :) great...have a wonderful Christmas..even tho you will be alone:(

  4. Love it when the flights are uneventful and all goes well. Prayers will be said for Marsha. We use frozen peas all the time at our house. Keep us advised as to how things are going. Love the helmet and it's about time!

  5. Nice touch showing those pictures from the airplane!

    Hope Marsha's surgery goes well and she's all better for Christmas!

  6. I had foot surgery a couple of years ago and frozen peas were prescribed for me also. They work pretty good.

  7. I suspect the possibility of snow in Ohio is not Paul's only reason for not going there. :)

    Good luck with the surgery. It's nice to be near family during that.

    A friend of our got to test his bike helmet the wrong way--good thing it worked. I'm glad to see Paul wearing it properly; not cocked to the back like some do.

  8. That bike helmet looks like Paul would be safe as an equestrian, too...handsome either way! Prayers for a successful and problem-free surgery and a quick recovery, Marsha!

  9. Marsha will be in good hands and will do fine. I love frozen pea's they are so good..

  10. That's a great looking bike helmet. Hope Marsha's surgery goes off without a hitch. Merry Christmas.

  11. Good luck with your surgery. You're going to look younger than all of us.

  12. Oh, it sure looks cold in Ohio. Makes the weather in Texas that much warmer now! Wishing Marsha the best with her eye surgery and hope she enjoys her Christmas with her family. I am sure she will be missing Paul.

    Kevin and Ruth

  13. Catching up on blogs today. . .I'm thinking the surgery must have gone well. . .enjoy the rest of your holidays!


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