Sunday, January 15, 2012


Wednesday, January 11 – We met in the activity center this evening for a game of Farkle.


We learned how to play this game last year while in the RGV and joined the gang for Wednesday Night Farkle. We had three tables full of Farklers (is that a word???) and enjoyed ourselves. The women kicked butt at our table winning all four games.....JEESH!!!



Friday, January 13 – We went to the dance tonight with our friends. There seems to be a dance about every weekend here at Leisure Valley or at the sister ranch, Hidden Valley. These two parks are actually connected and many times you aren't clear which park you are visiting.

The entertainment was a one-man-band, Jeff Gordon. He sang with computerized back-up music. It was mostly our favorite, country with a mixture of oldies but goodies. We had a great time Texas Two Stepping and doing the Texas Waltz, as well as “gettin' down” with some oldies.

Marsha (in the purple), Angie in middle, Rick on right.

Of course it wouldn't be a successful dance without Marsha winning something. She won a door-prize! A “Winter-Texan” t-shirt. Why can't she win the lottery.... :-)


We had a great time.


Speaking of T-Shirts......we received our Bourbon Trail t-shirts in the mail. If you visit all the Bourbon Distilleries in the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and get your Passport Book stamped at their tour center, you receive a complimentary t-shirt. We are now “Official” Kentucky Bourbon tasters!!!


Thanks to our blogger friends, Jerry and Suzy, we now know the correct name for one of our bird pictures from our last blog. Being from Ohio, we were almost positive this was a Cardinal but weren't 100% sure.

Northern Cardinal

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!




  1. As lucky as you've been lately you should be buying lottery tickets if you're not already!

  2. I like Farkle!!! You have to buy the tickets if you want to win the lottery. Try that next.

  3. We also enjoy Farkle. A good to play and talk at the same time.

  4. Well you old 'Farklers!' Haven't played that in ages! Love your t-shirts!

  5. we love Farkle...doesn't require mega concentration on my part thankfully..looks like you had a great weekend!!!

  6. We have good friends, Olan and Lola, staying in your area. Don't know which park. They are also NOMADS so would have the sign on their Chevy Dually. Gotta get down that way sometime.

    Line dancing is great exercise, as is any dancing.

  7. There's a game I've never even heard of!

  8. I love to play Farkle. I played it almost every evening during a NOMADS project. We laughed so much!

    Thanks for the kind words on our blog yesterday. We'll be following yours too.

  9. I just saw that game in Wal Mart the other day but I have never played. I'm just learning Mexican Train! You look like you're all having fun out there on the dance floor.

  10. Hello! My fiance and I just finished the Bourbon Trail and I stumbled across your site looking for what the 2012 shirts would be! What does the front look like?


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