Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Monday, January 23 – We're off to Nueva Progreso, Mexico, this morning to visit the dentist. For all those who have never visited Mexico or want to, here is a quick tutorial to entering the country.

Take some quarters with you. You need one to enter the country and one to get out.


Next step is to walk across the bridge.

As you walk across, you can see the Rio Grande River that many illegals try to cross over to the USA. This is a view of the USA side.  See the wall in the background?

You also see lots of hats sticking through the fence.

If you have a large head like Paul, you can be in two countries at one time.


You are now in Mexico.

We went to this same dentist last year, Dr. de la Rosa Saenz, and was quite pleased with his service.


We both have appointments for cleaning. Marsha only needed a regular cleaning but Paul received a deep cleaning.

Everyone asks us questions liked…Does he speak good English? Is it clean? Does he take credit cards? etc.  Answers…Dr. de la Rosa was educated in the United States and lives in Mission, TX. He speaks excellent English. The place is very clean and sterile. There is plastic on everything.



He also takes credit cards, checks, and cold cash.

With a “clean” smile on our faces, we headed out to try to make a deposit in the Mexico economy. And a deposit was certainly made! Paul purchased a belt and got a hair cut that comes with a free massage…both for a mere $5.00.



Marsha found the Mexican tiles she was in search of for her basket-making hobby. Not only did she find finished tiles, but we found a family of painters that would paint scenes on tiles for her. These brothers, Jose & Alfonzo (in two different locations in Progresso), use spray paint and little bits of torn paper to complete these amazing paintings.

They are so good that we wanted to show you how they paint a tile. This Alfonzo starting one of the tiles.

He uses no brushes just cans of spray paint, pieces of cardboard and plastic bags.14

He drew to cactus with the cardboard and now is using the plastic bag to make the flower beds.




He made ten for Marsha. Each one is totally different. Since several of her readers may receive one of her baskets with a tile, she only wants to show the one we are keeping.


It's unbelievable!

We will share with you the rest of our visit to Mexico in our next blog.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. The border towns that cater to American snowbirds are very different than other areas in Mexico.

  2. Thanks for the tour and the tiles are unbelievable. What do they charge for that?

  3. You certainly make a day trip to Mexico look easy! You sure had a successful day!

    Wow! Those artists are so talented! The tiles are beautiful. What a wonderful addition to your baskets!

  4. Those tiles are incredible. I am so glad you showed us how they do it. Such a wonderful talent. Wow. Nice to have clean teeth. We need to get ours done but may have to do it here in the states this year. Running out of time with Jim's surgery coming up.

  5. you can't beat the prices and the customer service in Mexico....can't wait to visit there....we've flown there to resorts etc but never drove...its on our to do park and cross over

  6. Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to cross. But I doubt I can currently walk the length of that bridge. So, how do I get my electric scooter past those turnstiles?

  7. Funny about the quarter. No quarters required to go to Los Algodenes.

  8. Beautiful tile! Glad you had another fun day in Mexico.

  9. The quarter to return to the U.S. reminded me of the old Kingston Trio song M.T.A. - "he may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston, he's the man who never returned".

    Looks like you had a great day in Mexico and got a lot of things done. Impressive Dentist office.

  10. Great post! Tells a good story with interesting tidbits of information. You have a great sense of what appeals to readers, as is evident by your obvious effort in publishing this and your other well-crafted pieces.

  11. I can't wait to get one of those tiles in my new basket!!! ha! Love u guys, Kelly

  12. The dentist office looks nice and clean. What do they charge for cleaning (if you don't mind my asking)?? The tiles are certainly a work of art.


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