Saturday, February 4, 2012


Thursday, February 2 – A little excitement in the neighborhood this morning.


The people across from our site have decided to trade-in their 5th-Wheel and get a mobile home. They will become snowbirds traveling between South Texas in the Winter and their home in Iowa in the summer.

Watching these movers bring in a mobile home on these tight streets is pretty exciting.


The driver wasn't even challenged. One hand on the steering wheel and talking on the phone. I told the onlookers to hand him a beer to make it a little more challenging....LOL



They can park those things on the side of a mountain, so setting it on a concrete pad was child’s play.



Notice all the "helpers."

They had it moved in place in less than 30 minutes and spent the next couple hours strapping it down and putting it up on blocks so they could remove the wheels.



Once level the owner and a couple friends will hook up the plumbing, sewer, and electric and it will be ready to move in. Instant home!!!


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. My guess is that driver probably has done that more than once. What do you think?

  2. Yea those drivers sure know how to operate. Often we see mobile homes in areas we wonder, as you said, just how did that thing get there!

  3. Makes me wonder why in the world I can't even get the truck in a parking spot - let alone the fiver.

  4. When Dave was in the Army we bought a mobile home. Just like an RV it came fully furnished. Unlike an RV, the furniture is not all built in so when we sold the mobile home we kept the furniture. We sure got tired of avocado green before all that furniture died of old age, though.

  5. Right now, I would miss the freedom of the motorhome travel. I'm sure that someday, we will have to settle down again. But first, we just need to get house sold and get out of here! hahaha

  6. Nothing like a little excitement in the neighborhood for some blog fodder! LOL

  7. I have to admit, if I was there I would have enjoyed in more if they had more of a struggle to get it set up:) I think that comes from by sailing days watching boats anchor in windy conditions after I had my anchor firmly down.

  8. Looks like our park. Whenever a new mobile home is moved to a site, every guy within a mile comes over to have a look. Those drivers sure can wheel those things in and make it look so easy.

  9. he probably could have done it with his eyes closed...they make it look so very easy...:)


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