Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sunday, February 12 – One of the greatest things about being here in Mission during this time of year is FRESH oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes. Several people in the park give us these delicious fruits. We went out and bought a cheap juicer and have enjoyed fresh juice each day. One neighbor told us for every five oranges we use, add one grapefruit. YUMMMMY!


At the end of our first year of full timing, we ordered our blog in book form. We used Blog2Print. So, with another year under our belt, we decided to get our second year in book form. We have so many pictures on our blog, that we needed to order the blog in two books. They arrived the other day and look super. We know that these will help us relive so many wonderful memories.


One night while we were having happy hour (which is suppose to be from sometime around 4 to about 5:30, but this night it was well past 7:00), it became a bit chilly out.  Paul, not listening to Marsha again, didn't bring a jacket. After Paul was acting like it was going to snow any minute, Susie went in and got him a blanket. We couldn't figure out what it is about a red blanket, but it made Paul smile the rest of the night.


Jane where is your hand suppose to be?

Where was Marsha all this time?

On Friday night, Angie and Rick had Jane, Joe and us over for dinner. Boy were we in for a treat! Before we ate, Marsha needed pictures. She said everyone get with someone…she meant spouses. As she was setting up the camera and turned around she was very surprised. Not wanting to make a scene she ran to the only open spot left for her.


After taking the picture above, she rephrased her request…Everyone get with YOUR spouse, please.


Now for dinner. Angie HAD to have worked all day to make all the delicious dishes we enjoyed. There were tamales, fideo (Mexican spaghetti), Queso (Mexican cheese),


Turkey or pork in Mole sauce,


and Chayote. One reader wanted to know how Angie made this Mexican squash. She cut them in half and drizzled flavored oil with seasoning over a couple, made one plain and one with paprika. She then baked them in the over at 350* for about fifteen minutes. They were delicious.


Jane got in the action by heating the tortillas.cooks

Marsha brought delicious cookie cake for dessert. Anther wonderful evening with great food and awesome friends! Thanks again Angie and Rick…it was wonderful!

We haven't posted a picture of Bella for awhile. Marsha opened her closet door to get some of her pine needle paraphernalia. When she went back to close the door, look who found a new hiding place.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!




  1. Hmmm. I didn't know you were a swinging couple. It looks to me like Paul was enjoying himself just a little too much.

  2. Yup Paul, red is definitely your color!!

    Just remember you gotta dance with the gal what brung ya!!!

  3. Isn't it great to have a hard-cover book for all the memories you're making? Wish I had known about Blog2Print...might have saved us hours formatting our blog books. Oh, well, we're happy with the results...and it's kept us out of trouble. LOL

  4. Paul is one lucky guy he always has the women hanging on him..

  5. Got the very same juicer, it works great! Nothing more wonderful than fresh squeezed juice in the morning. And glad to see you are happy with the Blog2Print books. We were thinking about getting them and definitely will now, thanks to your post!

  6. That dinner sure looked great!

    Good idea on Blog2Print! I have an account with them but had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Love the idea of the blog book. Maybe I will have to get Kevin to check that out. The food looks delicious!


  8. Some great lookin' food pictures! I can see why Paul is smilin'.

  9. great looking food...great looking company and gotta love bella and her hiding spots..cute cute..

  10. OMG - Dad it's not just my friends that said you were swingers, even your RV friends say it! haha

    New Juicer = Awesome. Add some Vodka for even better flavor.

    Red Blanket is hilarious! I think dad needs a snuggie though. Come on Father's day!

  11. o and I almost forgot the books! I didn't even know you were doin that again! Can't wait to check them out!


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