Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sunday, February 19 -

Thanks to everyone who left us a comment or email about our long-range plans. We even received several comments and emails from new visitors. Thanks everyone for the suggested additions to our Northwest trip this summer. One of the reasons we wanted to post our intended summer travel schedule was to inspire readers to suggest additional stops and places we should be sure “not to miss!”

One comment we received many times is…you need a couple of years to do Oregon and Washington alone. We TOTALLY agree. We can only do so much this time. We just hope we can hit some of the highlights and go back for more later. If you think of any "must see" places, please don't hesitate to write.

We sure hope to cross paths and meet many of our RV'er friends and Blog readers. If you are in the same area this summer, drop us a quick email.....hopefully we can get together!

Just an update on our extended warranty research. We signed on the dotted line with Jeff Shelton from Wholesale Warranties (800.939.2806). We obtained a 4-year, 48,000 mile warranty with $100 deductible, with Consequential Damage and Exclusive Benefits. It seems to cover just about everything, actually more than we wanted. Jeff is an independent underwriter and searches for the best policy to fit your needs. Our policy is with Assurant Solutions. If you are looking for an extended warranty, give Jeff a call and tell him we recommended Wholesale Warranties. Yep, we receive a small gift for anyone we send his way.... :-))

We want to give a SHOUT OUT to Rick of
Rick and Paulette's RV Travels. At one time on our blog, comments would automatically be posted without Marsha approving them. Well for some reason this changed. Now that we think of it, it changed when Marsha went to the new version of Blogger. Oh dear….new = better….not so fast my friend. For some reason, the approval for comments changed. Marsha fretted over this for a couple of hours and finally said, "I'll just ask Rick." She did, and of course Rick knew the answer. He told her to go back to the old version and she would be able to make the change. YEA!!! It works. So new  ≠  better…at least not all the time. Thanks again, Rick, for responding so quickly!

We have no idea why Bella has "all of a sudden" decided this is her favorite place to sit when outside. One person in the park said it is because it is cool on the grill. WHAT COOL? It has rained here nearly everyday for the last two weeks, AND it sure isn't that hot! What is going on with this weather? We are in the southern most tip of Texas. They don't or at least aren't suppose to get rain like this here. Today it has taken a turn for the BETTER! It was beautiful…YEAAAAA!


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Well, one that's good about plans is that you can change them if you want. You just stretch them a bit depending on what you want to do when you get there. Either way I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves.

  2. Glad you are happy with your Extended Warranty Program - peace of mind is certainly worth the price for sure.

    Thanks for the shout out and glad you got things back to normal - until Blogger decides to mess us up again.

  3. You are gonna have so much fun on your trip!! Looking forward to seeing all your photos.

    I think kitty cats have their own reasons for doing things and we will never understand. Maybe they just like to make us wonder...

  4. It's just a "cat thing" I guess. Ours do that kind of thing all the time too. Bella is a cutie.

  5. Leave all that rain in Texas when you head this way. People say, hope the fuel prices don't go crazy this summer. If they do we will just have to doondock more to make up for it. safe travels

  6. Hey you two! We think that Duane may have the right idea. The rain in Texas is nuts. lol Keep having fun guys, and stay safe

  7. hope the weather clears up soon for you...thats alot of rain....keep on having fun...:)

  8. Your summer plans sound great, we did most of the same last year and just skimmed the surface. Slow down and enjoy just to much to see.
    The weather is crazy in Ga. also, lots of clouds, drizzel, and warmer than usual temps.
    Have fun.

  9. Your Bella looks like our Lucky. Lucky got his name from Leonard. He (Lucky not Leonard) was a stray. Len says he is Lucky I found the cat and not him.


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