Thursday, March 1, 2012


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Monday, February  27 – The last few days have just flown by. Monday was Marsha's last dentist appointment in Mexico. Friends, Donna, Norm and Carole, went with us. They had several items to purchase and wanted to have a Marguerita or two with us. Carole is moving to Pahrump, NV this Saturday, so it was sort of a good bye party also.

Norm, Donna, Marsha, Carole, Pauldonna,-norm,-carol-us-mexic

We went outside this evening and saw the planets all lined up. From our photo, it looks like the moon is full, but it was only a Crescent Moon.

Moon, Jupiter, Venus

Wednesday, February 29 - Our last night to attend a social. Since it was Sadie Hawkins day, they played an abbreviated version of the Newly Wed game. Our friends, Donna, Norma, Angie and Rick were among the seven couples that participated.


There were some disagreements between the couples, but no couple had an altercation of any kind. Our friends, Sandy and Dave, were the winners.

Just a little beauty from around the park.




It was another wonderful, memory-filled winter. A very special "Thank You" to our dear friends, Rick and Angie. We love you dearly! Miss you already.

Thursday, March 1OFF WE GO!!! We've been in the state of Texas since October 29, 2011 and it's time to head West. We still have a couple more days to spend in Texas. We'll be over-nighting in Eagles Pass, and then spending two nights at Davis State Park to visit the McDonald Observatory. Then a run through El Paso, TX and we'll be in New Mexico for another over-nighter on our way to Tucson, AZ.

We were anxious to get moving this morning and hit the road soon after daylight (about 7:30). We traveled the entire day along the southern Texas border with Mexico. Once past Laredo we were in the wide open spaces. But there's oil out here! I think we were the ONLY non-oiler working rig on the road. Truck after truck flew by servicing the many thousands of oil wells in this area.

A bit hazy on the road today.road

We had to stop once at an inspection point.customs-stop

Housing is definitely in short supply. There are numerous RV Parks (I'm using the term generously) where workers are parked one after another in a dirt field. There are temporary restaurants set up and trailers for rent for long term workers. Money is just flowing out of the ground!!!


We arrived at the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass, TX, shortly after noon. We have full hook-ups but are really camped in a parking lot. The website said camping was free but nope....cost was $15/night. Oh well, we're only here one night.

Not any place to write home about!parking



The Casino has NO flashing lights…the outside isn't much but the inside is very nice. casino

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!



  1. So you are on your way to new adventures. Travel safe and have a wonderful time. Sure wish some of that Texas oil would make it to our gas stations. Prices just keep climbing.

  2. You guys have a safe ride and have some fun also.

  3. Parking in the lap of luxury! Been there - done safe out there.

  4. travel safe and keep in having fun :)

  5. I think a lot of us are getting hitch-itch! Safe travels.

  6. Not sure which way you are going but we are in Casa Grande until April 3rd and then heading north through Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

  7. Not sure which way you are going but we are in Casa Grande until April 3rd and then heading north through Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

  8. I love Ft Davis and the State Park. I had a winter home in Tucson for a few years. It is a really awesome town.(with lots of good restaurants)

  9. "Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino" ... another place where money just seems to come up out of nowhere!! Stay safe, eat well, stop often!

  10. We loved Ft Davis SP, lots of animals wandering around and great trails. Hope you have a clear day for the observatory. Unfortunately it was too cloudy the day we were there so neither the day nor evening programs were very good.
    Happy travels-hope we meet up again one day.

  11. We've stayed at a a few casinos that looked just like that. But at least you're on the road again. Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

  12. I guess free means different things to different people. It took a while but hitch-itch finally got to you. Now you're back in vacation mode for the next few months. See you this summer!

  13. We have spent some time in those not much to write home about campgrounds including time in Pahrump, NV:)

  14. Thanks for the update on your travels. Looks interesting and fun.

  15. Rick & Debbie GriffinMarch 2, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    Have an awesome trip. We are so excited for you! Why did you have to stop at an inspection station?

  16. Let the adventure begin! Loved Ft. Davis and the evening program at the observatory was great.

    If I remember correctly, you love visiting churches. The Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tucson is beautiful. The Old Tucson Studios was the location for the filming of many old western movies and was lots of fun. It's always fun when we recognize it when we're watching a western. The Arizona-Sonora Museum and the Saguaro National Park are also very worthwhile.

    Safe travels! You're gonna have a ball!


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