Sunday, April 15, 2012


Friday, April 15 – With hugs and goodbyes to our friends, Louise & Duane, we pulled-out of Escapee's North Ranch bright and early and headed to Boulder City, NV.

We drove through Arizona State Joshua Tree Park.

A bit blurry, but Joshua Trees. drive-to-boulder-city

Crazy, beautiful.

Approaching Boulder

We had a great and uneventful trip arriving at the Elks Club campground around noon. They have fifteen full hook-up campsites to the rear of the Lodge. The Lodge is on a busy street, making getting in difficult, but with the campground around back you are very secluded and it's nice and quiet. We have learned a back way in and out of the campground, so we avoid the traffic on the road out front.

Site 12


Looking right.

Looking left.

Looking behind.

We came across the new Hoover Dam Bridge on our way here. We'll head back there in a few days for pictures and to see it from the old road across the bridge.  The new bridge is so wide with high guard rail walls that you hardly realize you are on a bridge. That “dam” bridge is amazing (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Looks like a great place to stay! We need to join the Elks and are looking for reasonable fees to get in.

  2. Ditto what Jeannie said. Where you are now looks like a particularly nice place . I used to go to meetings at the Elks Lodge in Eugene and their spaces are simply parking spots on blacktop right nest to the building. Tiny too! I guess they are all different.

  3. The Elks in the west have THE nicest campgrounds! Enjoy exploring!

  4. Trying to get caught up with you guys. Loved your tour of Wickenburg. I forgot to tell you about the back way into the Elks. I'm sorry. Glad you are settled. Have fun exploring and thanks for everything.

  5. We crossed that new bridge last year, and my problem with it, was you not even see the dam! Dam!

  6. We think the Boulder City Elks is one of the better ones. We liked the location because there were so many things close that we wanted to see and so much to do. The dam is something else!

  7. They have a nice walkway on the new bridge where you get a fantastic look at the dam. Also when you go to visit the dam, cross over the dam and drive part way up the hill and then you can park for free and it's just a short walk back to the dam. Also before heading down the dam there is a parking lot that has the path that takes you to the new bridge.

    You're also not far away from the Historic Rail Trail that we went on. It would be a nice trail to ride you bikes on and if you go all the way you will come out at the dam.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Makes me want to be an Elk, or a Moose or an Eagle - I know I've been called an 'odd fellow'!

    When you go to the Hoover Dam, go early in the morning, before 10am, to avoid the long lines for the security checks.

    I liked the Hoover Dam better than the Las Vegas Strip - way more interesting.

  9. Nice spot you have there. Are you going to take the 'dam' tour? Sorry, couldn't resist :-))

  10. One of my two favorite lodges! Great group of people, so warm and welcoming. Are Colin and Debbie still running the campground? Enjoy your time there.


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