Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Monday, April 9 - We pulled out of Apache Junction this morning and headed northwest to Congress, AZ.

We had an interesting experience on our drive up to Congress. We passed a sign warning us to be on the lookout for wild burros. Yeah, right! What are the chances of seeing a burro? Two minutes down the road Paul says, “look” and there stood TWO burros. How cool is that!


We are at the Escapee's North Ranch Park, site 110. Our site is roomy with a picnic table. A very nice campground.

Site 110


Looking to our right.

To our left.

We are parked next door to our friends, Duane & Louise. They are the reason we stopped here. They are a great couple, good friends, and fun to spend time with.

Since we didn't' get to play pickleball in Mission this year, we headed up to the INDOOR Pickleball court for a couple games of Pickleball. We forgot the camera so will have pictures soon of this indoor facility. Those unfamiliar with the game, it is played on a miniature tennis court using large ping pong style paddles. A great game for we seniors.....LOL

We finished the evening by taking Bella, our cat, on a walk through the Saguaro Park located right here in the park and right across the street from our site.


What a beautiful job the park residents have done with this garden. Dozens of cacti planted in their natural desert environment.

Those are the Weaver Mountains in the background.garden-3




They even have name plaques by each plant.

How appropriate…an Easter cactus. easter-cacutus

Red Sage.

In the garden is, Methuselah, one of the oldest Saguaro Cactus in Arizona. They have determined that this cactus has been here since around 1600.


Many birds still call it home.

Bella enjoyed her walk, and we are sure we'll be returning there daily while here in the North Ranch.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!



  1. looks like we were posting at the same time. Glad you made it! We will make sure we make it over there before Friday!

  2. We stopped there for the first time this year too. The park is in a nice location and right on the way .... well, to someplace. The cactus sure are pretty in the spring with the blooms. Just wait until next month and you'll see even more. Watch where you walk!!

  3. You even have a mountain named after you :-))) That cactus garden looks lovely; it alone would make it worth stopping at this campground.

  4. You guys must be important to have mountains named after you :)

    Love the catcus garden, definitely looks like they did a nice job on it. Glad Bella enjoyed her walk through it as well.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Enjoyed the pix of the different cacti. Neat looking garden.

  6. Better to be in Congress, AZ than in Congress, DC!!

    Nice looking place and a great looking Saguaro garden.

    How'd you get a mountain named after you?

  7. North Ranch is definitely on our list for a return visit. Beautiful!

  8. Bella looks beautiful in front of the flowering cactus!

  9. If you have time, take that mountain road over to Prescott. Believe me, I hung on tightly to the door handle. As if that would save me should we go over the edge!

  10. Burros, how lucky! We have been watching and watching, nothing. So you are 4 days behind us and we are here in Overton (by the Valley of Fire) until Friday.

    The park IS nice. The boondocking is not.

  11. What!? You thought they put up the burro warning sign just for fun? LOL

    What a great time of year to visit the desert and see all the bloomin' cacti! Have a great visit with your friends!

  12. Nice looking cactus. We shared the road several times with burros in parts of AZ.

  13. We definitely need more good people like you in Congress!! Oh darn, you're in AZ, not D.C. That is a great looking cactus garden and Bella does look like she is enjoying her walk.


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