Friday, April 13, 2012


Wednesday, April 11 – We took a hike out in the desert this morning, wondering around for a couple hours. This is BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) and dry camping (free) for up to 14-days is permitted here. Paul follows several blogs of people that have camped out here. The road are very rough and one would have to be careful driving into this area. I sure couldn't get our diesel pusher in here!

There are tons of trails through the desert in back of North Ranch.trail

View of the WEAVER Mountains. view-of-mts.

This is actually called the "Lone Saguaro." It is the only one in this area of the desert.

Didn't see much wildlife, just enjoyed a leisurely walk among the scrub brush.



This is also cattle grazing country. You come across many head of cattle and an abundance of “cow patties.” Better be careful where you're stepping.

Paul rides his bike out here each morning and really enjoys riding on these trails. It's a little more challenging than riding of normal bike paths or on the street, especially when crossing sandy washes or traveling through areas that 4-wheelers have dug up.

It's surprising when you come around an area of scrub brush and into a herd of grazing cattle. Don't know who's more surprised, Paul or the cattle!

The desert in this area isn't all scrub brush, there are some beautiful flowering vegetation.


All alone in this great big world.

We thought we would frame the WEAVER Mts. with a WEAVER on each side.

Marsha presented Louise with a basket. This is the first basket Marsha made with the tiles she had painted in Mexico. Louise was so surprised and so thankful.


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  1. Loved the picture of the three Weavers! Love, love, love the west. Thanks for sharing your desert walk.

    BTW...kudos for another beautiful basket!

  2. Great basket mom! I have my new one sitting on my coffee table with the candle in it! we were buring it last night!!! LOVE YOU!

  3. How cool is that to have a mountain named after you.

  4. Nice pictures, they capture the feeling of the area:)

  5. Another beautiful and unique basket; looks lovely.

  6. Glad you enjoyed your hike through the desest. That pretty red bloom on the bush is a Bottlebrush tree/bush. That is what we planted at Whiskey's grave site here at the Hacienda Contreras RV park in Mexico. I think it has a beautiful bloom and the tree/bush is quite hardy and can survive a frost.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Beads in the side of the basket! Wow when you decide to learn to do something you take no prisoners, do you?

  8. While I havn't been following your blog regularly, it's interesting to see you are only a few miles from where I am camped on BLM land next to the Congress Cemetary and the older pioneer cemetary.


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