Thursday, May 24, 2012


Tuesday, May 24 – We left this morning and drove to Eureka, CA. It is going to be a bit chilly this week. Today will have a high of 59 and low of 46. That seems to be the weather report for the entire week.

We are staying at the Eureka Elks. There are 22 FHU sites. They are a bit close but manageable. We are paying $20/night. We plan to use this as our base for visiting Redwoods National Park, Samoa Sand Dunes, and other attractions in this area.

We are in Site 3.
Site 3

Paul trying to get out of the wind.Site 3 rt side

Looking to our left. That's the clubhouse.
Looking left

Looking to the right.
Looking right

We didn't realize Northern California was such a dairy cattle area. We stopped at the Loleta Cheese Factory, and during a discussion with the host was told about this dairy rich area.


The Loleta Cheese Factory is a small family-run business dedicated to the production of premium quality natural cheeses. Their award winning cheeses include 34 varieties from Creamy Monterey Jack to Smoked Salmon Cheddar, which are made in small batches using traditional recipes to ensure old-fashioned flavor.

While there, we viewed through a glass window the workers making organic white cheddar and the traditional yellow cheddar. It was a very interesting process. We were then free to enjoy samples of all their cheeses in the tasting room. Did we…heck no. After the first 15, the tastes all ran together. We did purchase the Habanero White Cheddar….YUMMMY!


Stirring the organic Cheddar cheese.DSC04577

We then drove out to the Ferndale, The Victorian Village. This is a magnificently preserved village with wonderful Victorian architecture.

Victorian house 1

Victorian house 2

The entire town is full of interesting shops housed in amazing restored buildings. There is everything from a blacksmith shop, old-fashioned mercantile, antique stores, art galleries, specialty shops, and much more. We enjoyed strolling along the streets.

Victorian Inn

Hotel Ivan sign

Hotel Ivanhoe
Hotel Ivan

Thank you to Judy, Travels with Emma, Heyduke, On the Road of Retirement, and a dear friend from home, Lorraine, for giving me the name of these little ones. They are called Western Scrub-Jays.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!










  1. Another blog to put on my Pinterest board! What a lovely area!

  2. I didn't know Eureka was dairy country either. Just wait until you get to Tillamook and you'll have more to cheese to sample. Slow down and smell the roses. There's alot to see.

  3. Finally caught up on your blog after almost a week with no internet. Looks like you're having a great time and always finding interesting places to visit. There is so much to see!

  4. We'll take your temps anytime ... going to be in the high 80s; reaching into the 90s around here this weekend. Add in the humidity ... ay ay ay!

  5. Cute town and getting some cheese is always good:)

  6. Where's the picture of the blacksmith Was anyone working in it? travel safe

  7. Great blog. I see we missed some things around Eureka but that's the joy of you having a car and not a huge gas guzzler.

  8. You had me at the cheese place...gotta see that when we get back out there some day.

  9. Nice place to visit and discover some really great cheese!! Love the color of the western scrub jays...just beautiful. I would not have know what they were either. Thank goodness for our blogging friends!!

  10. Isn't that where all those dissatisfied cows from cold Wisconsin wanted to move?? :)

  11. Another great travel log, thanks guys.

  12. Loved catching up on all the out-of-the-way places you have visited in northern CA. The coloring on those scrub jays was gorgeous.

  13. It may be chilly there but at least the sun is shinning!

    The picture of the second house reminds me a bit of my Dad's house, just a little more fancy and definitely better kept up.

    Kevin and Ruth

  14. When you get to Oregon, there are two cheese factories - one in Bandon on the southern coast and one in Tillamook on the northern coast (a little inland actually). Tillamook has a great factory tour and tasting room. It's our favorite cheese. Loved your pictures today. Those old buildings are just beautiful.


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