Sunday, May 6, 2012


Friday, May 4 – Death Valley is vey different than what we expected.  It's not just a big flat desert.   It is like Yellowstone, so diverse in its landscape. It has mysterious sliding rocks, a massive blast crater, ghost towns, sand dunes, mountains, canyons, brightly-colored badlands, and mines to name a few. Also, the Timbisha Shoshone Indians live in Death Valley.

Badwater Basin was next on the list. As stated in the last blog, it is the lowest point in North America and a busy and popular stop for the tourists.


The thirty or so people at this stop was the biggest crowd we saw all day. A neat addition to Badwater Basin, is a sign high in the mountains indicating Sea Level, 282 feet above the Basin floor.

See the sign Paul is pointing to…find the white arrow. This is how far below Sea level he is.
pointing to sea level

This is what the sign reads.

Here is what we look like at 282' below sea level. Don't think we look any different.  Taller and thinner…maybe!

Amazing this could even be done.DSC03268

Image crossing the desert floor pulling one of these. Oh my goodness!DSC03263

Artist's Drive and Artist's Palette were next. A dipping, diving, curving, one-way road that weaves through striking ravines and colorful rock formations.


Pink, green, purple, brown and black rock provide a visual feast to the visitor. Artist's Palette, highlights the drive with sea green, lemon yellow, periwinkle blue and salmon pink mineral deposits splashed across the barren landscape.




We then stopped at the Visitor's Center to pay our entry fee (remember, we entered free with the Senor Pass). A pretty crazy way to collect entry fees.....we're almost done viewing the park!

It was here we decided to continue on, to the extreme North end of the Park, some 55-miles away and visit Scotty's Castle. It's a long drive, one we were told by friends not to miss, and we're glad we stopped.  Death Valley is huge.  More than you can see in a day or in  a week. Scotty's Castle is next.  Come back and see this magnificent structure. 

Marsha wanted to share some of the lovely flowers in bloom at the Escapee park. She just loves her flowers.

Bird of Paradise bush.
bird of paradise bush

This little guy was really busy.

They have a beautiful rose garden.

Just a few close ups of the beauty.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back again soon. Have a great day!



  1. "Here is what we look like at 282' below sea level. Don't think we look any different. Taller and thinner…maybe!"

    Well, if that's what being below sea level does, I'm ready to move out there :-)))

  2. Loved the bird of paradise photo and your header photo...

  3. Death Valley definitely is a unique place to visit. We enjoyed it too. Again, loved your photos.

  4. thanks for the tour... we are enjoying it!

  5. Very cool scenery. I really like diversity of the surroundings, a little bit of everything, just the way we like it. Love your pictures, keep them coming.

    Don't forget to vote for us,

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. It has been too long (30 years!) since we've been to Death Valley. We had hoped to visit in 2002, but it didn't happen, and hasn't happened since. Thanks for letting us tag along, to see it again anew.

  7. Death Valley is now near the top of our places to visit following your tour. What an eye-opener.

  8. We definitely gave up too soon. Now that you have invited us along on your tour, I want to go back and see all the things we missed. Great pictures and text. I've always wanted to see Scotty's Castle so am anxiously awaiting your next post!

  9. Ah yes, I remember when Ronald Reagan hosted that show about the 20 Mule Team Borax. I understand he then went into some other line of work.

  10. Wow! We've never seen a Bird of Paradise bush before! How beautiful. We missed the sea level marker...bummer.


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