Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sunday, May 13 – We were off to San Francisco this morning, heading NW across California. We traveled primarily on CA-99, CA-12, and CA-37. Unfortunately, these roads were in a disastrous state and in need of repairs. I think California tops Louisiana as the worst roads we've driven on in our three years of travel. The road were so bumpy we had to slow to about 45 mph to keep from rattling everything to smithereens. We were amazed nothing fell apart, although Paul had to repair the bedroom door upon arrival. Is California a vision of what's to come in much of the United States? One has to wonder!


We are not too enamored by the California drivers either. They rarely invite us to merge, they cut us off, turn in front of us, and just don't seem very friendly or anxious to have us visit their state and leave our money here. Sorry for the Rant... :-))

We arrived at the Petaluma, CA, Elks Lodge, in early afternoon. There were plenty of campsites available with 30-Amp electric, water, and sewer hook-ups. The sites are blacktopped and located to the rear of the lodge. Unfortunately, the sites are a little close to each other and for the price ($25/ night), and  we had hope to expect a little nicer arrangement. Paul keeps saying, “I can't afford to live in California.”

Site 7


Bella loves the large grass area behind our site. She hasn't been in real grass for quiet a while.


Looking to our right.

To our left.

We took a walk through the historic downtown Petaluma. "Picture Yourself Here" is the slogan for this lovely little city. The Visitor's Center gave us a wonderful map of the City with the most comprehensive explanation of each of the points of interest.


McNear's Mystic Theater…built in 1886.DSC04036


The Petaluma River runs through downtown area.DSC04030

We enjoyed walking around this quaint city. We even went back at night and visited one of the saloons. Doing our part to help the local economy.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Ohhhh yeahhhhh! And you haven't even been on the 5 yet!!! Only worse roads are between Olympia, WA and the border. Please remember to ask us how to avoid Seattle. It's terrible, just terrible. But we found a way around.

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  3. And with a 16 billion deficit, I'll bet California roads aren't going to improve anytime soon.

  4. So, the California drivers were just like the drivers we encountered Sunday here in VA who were always trying to make sure they got in front of us when we approached the exits. The air horns got some exercise :-))

  5. I really don't like bumpy roads! The sounds of rattling dishes etc give me the feeling of a disaster!

  6. Don't drink to much wine in Napa Valley. You know wine is weight...lol You ought be on a motorcycle in that traffic...

  7. Thanks for the tour of Petaluma. We've driven through there a few times but have never stopped overnight. Maybe next time.

    That Elk's Club is a little tight, but I've seen far worse and it's nice to have all that grass behind you too.

  8. Oh, we know that place well! Sites are tight and kinda sloped and $25 seems like a lot until you price any other campgrounds! Good walking and birding at the wetlands park across the street and down a block or to to the right. Don't know how long you will be there, but drive over and take a look at the Napa Elks lodge and RV parking if you get a chance - my favorite of all the Elks we've visited.

    I think Petaluma has their wonderful farmer's market on Wednesday afternoons. If you're still around, don't miss it (assuming I have the day right!). Also, it's an easy day trip to Pt. Reyes for some nice parking, with a cheese factory to check out along the way. So much beauty around there, and so many fun things to do! And yeah, the roads suck.

  9. California roads are not likely to get any better, since their deficit is so terribly high. And the drivers won't get any nicer either, as they have to drive those roads every day. We have stayed at the Petaluma Elks, and Napa as well. Elks prices have kept up with inflation and gone on beyond. The lodges have to make a profit somewhere, I guess.

  10. Nice tour of Petaluma... never have been there. Your site looks good with all that grass, our cat would have loved it!

  11. Those historic old buildings look very interesting. Something I would like to see.

  12. Now remember last fall I blocked about how bad the California roads were only to have another blogger say how great they were???

    You sure are moving north fast. I started to ask what park you are at in Petaluma but can just check our little group map to find out.

    Slow down and smell the flowers. Or, is it the grape bushes since you're in wine country.

  13. Bad roads and expensive campsites? Oh yes, you're definitely in California. But the weather is great here :)

  14. Are you still at the Lodge in Petaluma? Our friends Lynda and David (and dog Charlie) in the "magic bus" just pulled in there yesterday. Hope you get a chance to meet them. They run the campground at my lodge in the FL Keys.
    I will (I promise) reply to your many mails and comments to me. We are currently on the road making our way to VT and making up for a lost week.


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