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Monday, April 30 – We left the MH at the Boulder City Elks under Bella's watchful eye and headed to the Marriott Spring Hill Suites Hotel on the Strip in Vegas. Our daughter, Carrie, travels extensively in her job and has an abundance of hotel points. She's offered us a free room in Vegas to “party the night away” and not have to worry about driving. An offer we couldn't refuse!

Can't believe these rooms go for this price. Amazing.

Very different bathroom arrangement. Left door to the lav area; right door shower area.

We arrived at the hotel for an early check-in and even got to have a hot breakfast at the complimentary breakfast bar. After delivering our luggage to the room, we headed to the Strip for some sightseeing.

We did have one “eye-opening” experience in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Wanting an adult beverage, we sat at the bar to play video poker and each ordered a Bourbon and Ginger Ale. $18.00! That was our most expensive two drink bar bill ever!

The closest we will ever get to the Eiffel Tower…Paris Las Vegas8-us-in-pairs

The hotel was a couple blocks off the Strip so we took the advice of fellow bloggers, Kevin and Ruth, and drove the car to one of the hotels on the Strip that offered Valet parking. For the price of a $2 tip to the valet, we parked right in the thick of the Vegas experience. What a great way to solve the parking problem in a big city!

We did a little gambling or should we call it a contribution to the Vegas economy. We limit our playing to $20 each. We didn't even gamble away that much because we were too busy sightseeing.

This place is amazing.4-m-and-m

Just look at the colors.

New York, New York. WOW!22-new-york

The Cosmopolitan had the most unique bars.30-cosmopoltian

That is a bar on the other side of those lights.31-cosmopoltian

Luxor Hotel/Casino in the background.17-luxor

With Marsha's recent bout with an aching back and hip, we kept the sightseeing to a half day. We returned to the hotel by mid-afternoon to rest up for tonight's visit to Downtown Vegas and the Freemont Light Show.

WOW! What a wonderful time we had in Downtown. We enjoyed this way more than our visit to the Strip this morning. It is much easier to walk on the covered street than having to use the elevated people bridges on the Strip.

The casinos aren't as large and glitzy as they are on the Strip, but they are so close to each other, it was like being in one huge casino anyway.



The overhead light and laser show begins at dark and is every hour on the hour. There are different themes for each show and they are utterly AMAZING!!! There was American Pie, Bon Jovi, Kiss, and others.

American Pie by Don McLean. "Peace Out!"

A generation lost in space.


Bon Jovi melody.

There were also street entertainers, music and of course, the ever popular “people watching.” You see everything imaginable here.

Guess whose favorite street entertainers these were. Marsha is not sure what there entertainment "specialty" is.

We vacationed here over 30-years ago and remember the 99¢ shrimp cocktails at the Four Queens Casino.

Wonder why they hid the price in amongst the higher priced items.DSC03018

After an enjoyable night on Freemont Street we headed back to the Strip to see the million lights and enjoy the Strip at night. It sure takes Hoover Dam's power plants to help light this city. Another WOW and AMAZING sight!

Search results for Vegas 450

We even drove out to the end of the Strip to get our picture taken at the famous Welcome to Vegas sign. Another memory from our last time here. Sure wish we had pictures from that trip to show.


We were just like a couple of kids. We stayed out  W - A – Y  too late, but we must practice the City Motto......”What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” We'll leave it to your imagination!

We slept in a little the next morning, enjoyed the complimentary breakfast and returned to the Strip to finish our sightseeing. We used the Cesar Palace Valet Parking and enjoyed seeing this area of the Strip.

Our two favorite Hotels were the beautiful Italian/Roman architecture of Cesar's Palace and the Venetian. We thought the Venetian, with the gondolas floating down the indoor river, and the amazing architecture and artwork, was our number one favorite.

Venetian lobby.

This is inside the building.11-gondolia

The ceiling was GORGEOUS.13-ceiling

This is Paul's favorite view of the ceiling.

Outside of Caesar's Palace.20-Ceasar-fountain

Marsha traveled to Italy with our daughter, Carrie, a few years back. Both these hotels gave her so many great flashbacks. She loved it.

This was one HUGE difference between our first visit and now…the traffic. The main drag had SIX lanes going one way and four the other. No wonder there are pedestrian walkways going over most of the streets.


If you plan to visit Vegas, do not miss Downtown. We enjoyed it much more than the Strip.  If you want to see more photos of our visit to Las Vegas, just click here.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y 'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. yep Vegas is always fun... much cheaper years ago but I still have to get sharon there eventually...

  2. You provided good pictures and descriptions. We've been there many times, most more than 30 years ago, and never had time, with an RV, to do the looking around.

  3. What a wonderful time you had in Vegas! Do you sleep any better in a $500 room? What a treat, though. You really packed a lot into your visit, especially with your back, Marsha...loved all your pictures.

  4. Wow. . .you got so many great pics. . .so much better than mine were. . .now I gotta go back. Oh, hubby is gonna be so excited. . .ha ha. . .wait til I tell him!

    Looks like a great trip. . .


  5. One thing I regret about our visit to Vegas was not seeing Fremont Street. Thanks for all the pictures, that was fun.

  6. We really enjoy downtown Vegas. And valet parking is really the only way to go. Great pictures.

  7. When we lived in Salt Lake City in the '80s, we made a couple of trips to Vegas to see shows and wander around. The first time we drove to Vegas, we arrived late at night. I remember seeing the glow of the city lights and thinking we were right around the corner from our destination, only to find that we still had miles, and miles, and miles to go.

  8. looks like a blast...glad your enjoying it it is definitely on our to do list...

  9. It didn't take us long to figure out that parking by the valet was the only way to go. I guess they figure if they provide parking, you might donate to their casino. We've stayed in some of those expensive hotels too but always when someone else was picking up the tab. Cannot see where any room is worth $500 a night!!

  10. Funny about your expensive cocktails. We had the same experience with drinks at the Bellagio. We never made it to Freemont St but will if we go back. Sounds like you had a great time!

  11. Meals USED to be cheap there. From my memory of last time I was there, not the case anymore. I can not imagine paying $500 for a room. Also, I noticed no coffee pots in the rooms as in other hotels. They want you downstairs paying $3.00 a cup.

  12. I guess it goes to show they don't build those places from the winners.

    Looks like you had fun anyway..

  13. Marsha, thanks for a great photo tour of Las Vegas. It's an adult Disneyland for sure.

    I'm with you on the $20 gambling limit too! Those palaces weren't built by paying out on the slots!

  14. That was great that you were able to get the hotel room free from your daughter, that would have been the best way to visit downtown and the strip. There is just so much to see and so much that is free by just walking around and looking. We definitely loved those to hotels the best too!

    Kevin and Ruth


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