Monday, June 11, 2012


Saturday, June 9 – We drove through rain this morning.

This is what the sky looked like the entire to Nehalem Bay

We are sure glad we bought new wiper blades. Paul tried the new type that are made by Bosch – The Evolution. They don't really have the metal part that holds in the blade. They are just a ridged arched rubber. They work VERY nice. Really quiet too!

wiper blades

A much improved wiper system. Tiffin is putting these on the new model motor homes. We did not buy the 34” blades that are sold for RV's but instead purchased the cheaper 28” more common size for about a third of the price.  There is no reason to sweep rain off the entire windshield! The shorter ones worked great.

We are at Nehalem Bay State Park in Nehalem Bay. We had a little trouble upon arriving. Our original reserved site was F-01. It was impossible for Paul to get into site F-01, or for that matter get down the road to the site. He scraped the roof on almost every tree in that part of the park.

Very narrow roads.
narrow road

Look how low the trees are over the road. This is where we scrapped the top.
low trees

Many of the sites are totally surrounded by low trees.
lots of trees

Once we got safely around the very large loop, we returned to the front entrance. We told the Ranger our problem with the trees and the motor home. He was very sympathetic, and said that they were aware of the issue and needed to get those trees trimmed. He listed all the sites available for our four day stay that he felt we could get into without tree problems. We were successful in finding a pretty good site – B03. We even get satellite service on our automatic Direct TV dish. All the sites are paved, with paved streets, 30 amp electric service and water. There is a dump station near the front gate. We have a picnic table and fire ring.

Site B3
Site 3


Big backyard.
big back yard

Looking left.
left of site

Looking right.
looking right

Once we got settled, Paul had to take a look at the roof. Thank goodness, no damage.
Paul looking at roof.

There are tons of KIDS here with their families. Gotta love it!!! Quite a difference compared to yesterday. Last night, we were the ONLY RV in the Elks Campground....ha ha!!

Besides the paved sites, the Park has Yurts for rent. They are really nice with a porch, picnic table, and fire ring. When we arrived, most of them were occupied.


There is a beautiful beach here at the park. A nice path leads right to the long sandy beach.

trail to beach

beach area

Looking left down the beach.left

Looking right down the beach.right

There is lots of wildlife here in the park. Almost immediately after Marsha took Bella out, one of the camp hosts ran over and said, "Be very careful. Don't leave your cat out alone. We have coyotes in the park. Very aggressive coyotes."  We haven't seen any coyotes yet, but we did have a visitor walk right through our site.


We also have a crow that just hates Bella. The minute we pulled in that crow has done nothing but squawk! We take Bella out, guess who is watching and squawking.


We took her for a walk down one of the many paths here in the park.

walking Bella

Guess who found us and followed us…squawking all the way.

crow following us

This is a very nice, clean Park. Everyone is very friendly. And even with all the kids, it is extremely quiet.

Our sign pick for the day was found on a t-shirt.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. I love the area you are in. We usually spend several weeks around there each year ... however, a little later in the summer when the weather is usually a little better. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. looks like a lovely state park with a great campground other than the low trees and the beach looks amazing!!..enjoy your stay!..hope the crow decides to vacate!

  3. Glad there was no damage to the topside. Looks lie you guys have found another great site.

  4. You drove right past the air museum. You should see that while you're up there, it's interesting. The old blimp hanger is something to see! Enjoy the ice cream at the cheese factory. Try the cheese, too, you'll like it. Glad you didn't damage the top of the motorhome. Love the sign pick of the day!

  5. Glad the roof is ok.... You better carry a big stick when walking Bella in case a coyote isn't afraid of you... I know where you get a walking stick.....hehe

  6. gorgeous area if only they would trim the trees it would be perfect...glad there was no roof damage....enjoy

  7. A deer trespasser is always welcome. Lovely park -- will keep the tree problem in mind for when we make it that-a-way.

  8. Where's that BB gun when you need it. Stupid bird. And enough with the rain. We are having beautiful sunshine here in Montana. Nights are cold (36)but days in the 70's which is about perfect. Hope it stays this way until after the wedding.

  9. Looks like a nice looking park once you got by those low tree branches.

    Sure is a beautiful looking beach too. Have fun exploring the area.

  10. Looks like you got a great site. Funny about the crow. What does Bella think about it?

  11. Was that a SHADOW I saw in the picture of your campsite...brief how it was! Looks like you got a winner of a campsite...and poor Bella. It's going to be a long 4 days for her!

  12. "they were aware of the issue and needed to get those trees trimmed"?!!! So why didn't they warn you before sending you driving down that road?!!!

  13. Nice park but we are wussus we like 50a fhu sites.

  14. We stayed exclusively at State Parks when we did our N.Coast trip last year, but one of the only parks we DIDN'T stay at was Nehalem Bay...rvparkreviews said this park had rather tight trees. Sorry you had to find out the hard way!!

    If you're going north to Astoria highly recommend Fort Stevens State Park, esp. the more open N/O loops. You can check my blog from this place last year.



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