Sunday, June 10, 2012


Thursday, June 7 – We first met Sheryl and Jeff about two years ago at a small roadside campground just outside the Painted Desert National Park in Arizona.

Sheryl and Jeff

We were parked next to each other and were both relatively new to the full-time lifestyle. We became instant friends then and renewed that friendship today. We arranged to meet at a microbrewery in Lincoln City, Oregon – The Roadhouse 101.


Roadhouse 101

We spent several hours catching-up on our lives and discussing our full-timing future.

us with jeff and sheryl

During our discussion, they showed an interest in joining the Elks sometime in the future, so we decided to move our reunion over to the local Elks Lodge so they could see one first hand. What better place to enjoy a few adult beverages and to play a little shuffleboard.

Paul and Sheryl

This is the same Lodge that owns the campground we are staying at outside of town. It is a very nice lodge with a friendly group of people. We had a great time renewing our friendship with Sheryl and Jeff and will surely meet again sometime down the road.

Marsha and Sheryl need input from you men out there. They do not understand what the big deal is for men to have urinals this size.  Jeff and Paul tried to explain how nice it is to have antique equipment still in use at the Elks Lodge.

men's room

Please help the men explain the value of this type of equipment.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Glad you got to meet up with Jeff and Sheryl. We had a great time on our bike ride with them. You still getting wet up there? That was Jeff and Sheryl's complaint about the area they are in.

  2. And just what were Marsha and Sheryl doing in the men's urinals??? Glad you had such a great reunion. It's just like you saw them yesterday isn't it.

  3. The value of the equipment, as I see it, is that it keeps the floor from being really wet. (if the men pay attention, that is)

  4. So great to meet friends on the road! Looking forward to hearing the men's responses to your question! LOL

  5. What difference does the size of the urinal make? It's the aim that counts! Many places those urinals are in the floor ... for both men and women. We've seen them and had no choice but to use them .... ugh!

  6. Im staring at the urinal photo, still trying to figure it out. Both Jeff and Paul had had so many beers they couldnt seem to explain it, but... do they like it because it is private and they can straddle it so the aim doesnt have to be that exact??
    I dont know... but it sure was a good time with the two of you!

  7. I think the urinals were large so that it was not so difficult for the guys to hit the target!! Less mess to clean up.

  8. How nice...we met The Bright's when they were workamping at Carl G. Washburne State Park on the Oregon Coast. They are fun folks! This year they are in the Mt.Hood Rainforest, or so it seems!! Glad they got away to enjoy a great day at Lincoln City.

  9. Marsha, since you gotta remember just one thing...with men, size matters!

  10. As to the large urinals??? What can I say - it's a guy thing and size just matters, that's all!!

  11. dependant upon how many 'adult beverages' were consumed, I think the floor could still be

  12. cannot help with the urinal issue..don't think I want to either!.. :)
    nice that you got to meet up with Sheryl and Jeff!..they are a 'Bright' ray of sunshine!


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