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Monday, July 3 – We had a very long day of driving, but it was worth every penny. When we left Livingston, MT, this morning we intended to stop about six hours down I-90 at the Gillette, WY, Walmart. Well, after getting fuel at the nearby Flying J and then grocery shopping at Walmart, we looked for a secure place to park in the Walmart lot. Unable to find a good spot, we decided to head down the road and stop at a Montana rest area for the night. Upon arriving we notice the “No Overnight Parking” sign so we continued East in search of a place to stop.

Upon entering South Dakota, we notice smoke up ahead.
smoke in the hills

As we got closer we heard a helicopter.
helicopter in air

We couldn't image that was good news. As we got very close this is what we saw out of the driver-side window.


We heard on the radio that there were three grass fires in the area. They were all contained. That was very good news.

Continuing down the road, we checked quite a few places out but ended up driving the entire distance to Broken Arrow Campground and Horse Park in Custer, SD, our destination – we thought for Tuesday night. A total of about eight hours driving and 465 miles.....W-A-Y more than we have driven in a couple of years!

greeting sign

We tried to call Jerry, the owner of the campground, to see if we could arrive a day early, but were unable to reach him. We left several messages but were unfortunately out of cell phone coverage much of the day and were unable to make a connection. Upon arriving, he quickly set us up for one night in Site #21 for NO CHARGE! (His golfing today was the real cause of our inability to reach him, so he said, "Wait until tomorrow to start your week stay.") Now there's a great businessman that wants to please his customers. He wants us to move to a different site tomorrow with a view of the mountains. (That site is taken tonight).

This is an amazing campground. It's beautiful, with large gravel sites, gravel roads, picnic tables at each huge site, thick, green grass between each site, and a gorgeous view of the mountains to boot! And the best part is we are near Mount Rushmore and all the points of interest in the area.

Our new Site 24.
site 24

site 24


Looking right down our road.
looking right

Looking left.
looking left

Marsha thinks she is an Indian because she can say "How."Marsha

Even though there are several horse barns and corrals, we smell no horse. horse barn

They have four new full-service cabins that sleep four.cabins

Due to the very dry weather and high fire warning, we are not permitted to use the fire pit or even a grill that uses charcoal. The only acceptable grill is a table top with a lid.

The weather forecast today includes…Areas of smoke. Please say a prayer for safety for all those in the fire's path.

We will be here a week (actually eight days) and have a great deal to see, so stop back and visit the Black Hills with us.

We wish all our USA readers a very Happy and safe Fourth of July.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. You are in one of our favorite campgrounds!! We have been to visit Custer three times and stayed there all three. Custer is a beautiful place with so much to see you may decide to stay longer! Make sure that you tour ALL of Custer State Park. Have a great time - we would love to be there with you.

  2. Happy 4th of July!!..hope you enjoy your stay!!

  3. Marshal seems to have lost all the horses. Good thing you have the motorhome. Enjoy the 4th. Glad you are settled in to such a nice place.

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  5. This is what happens when you don't proof your comment ... delete!
    Campground managers like that are hard to find. When you do find them, they certainly stand out above the rest. It looks like a great place. Enjoy your week and keep us posted on what you're up to.

  6. Looking forward to your pictures and thoughts on the Black Hills. And I agree with Jeri - what a great campground manager. Nice to know there are places out there.

  7. How! Sure looks like a nice campground with an all-star manager for sure.

    Mt. Rushmore on July 4th - should be a crowd for that I'll bet.

    Happy 4th of July - enjoy the festivities.

  8. We spent two weeks at Broken Arrow a couple years ago. It was a good location to explore all there is in that area.
    If you're looking for a good hike, Harney Peak is the one everybody does. We thought the views from Little Devil's Tower trail were better, and it's shorter but steeper. Of course the smoke may obscure any good views. For an easy mile, walk around Sylvan Lake. Beautiful!
    Have fun!

  9. Thanks for the first-person review of Broken Arrow. We had planned to stay there last year before we changed our travel plans but hope to get there next time we go out west.

    Looking forward to touring the Black Hills with you. Happy 4th!

  10. You had me confused when you said you went east to SD, but ended up at a campground in WY. I clicked on the campground link and became un-confused. :)

  11. We were there last fall and agree on all points. Be sure and visit Crazy Horse. If coming back to the park after dark be careful, there are a lot of deer in the area.

  12. We stayed at Broken Arrow last year. We loved it! We saw elk after dark as well, one bounded across the road right in front of our car. Be careful!

  13. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY - friends.

  14. Looking forward to your next adventures...


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