Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Tuesday, August 28 – Prior to full-timing, Paul would go to Michigan's Upper Peninsula fishing with the guys several times a year. He did this for over 30 years.

Benny's boat for this year's tripboat

The guys were heading fishing this past week, and Paul decided to join them. One of the guys owns a fishing cabin on Lake Huron and another of the friends is towing his boat.

Cabin on Lake Huron.

Paul and the guys fished for five days and had some good days on the lake and some days with only one or two fish pulled-in. Regardless, it was a great time with old friends.

fish in cooler

Bill, Benny, Paul, Dennisfishermen

The crew did fish in a tournament while in Michigan and guess what.....WON the category for the largest Lake Trout (14.6 pounds). They not only were very proud of the accomplishment, but it came with a cash prize of $500.00.

One of the winners.
big fish

Another biggie.
another biggie

Someone has to clean these babies.DSC09897

Going to be some good eaten' from this one.
filet fish

Paul brought about 10 lbs. of fish home. We are going to have one nice big fish fry real soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.


  1. Where to go!!!! Those were some nice fish!!!

  2. There is nothing better than a friend with a boat:)

  3. My dad lived to fish. However, he always said the cheapest fish could be bought at Safeway. Ever figure out what that ten pounds of fish cost you? Aren't you glad it's not just about the fish. Sounds like a great time to me.

  4. Those are huge lake trout. How come there were no pics of all the partying for those 5 nights? Don't tell me they were too tired from all that fishing!

  5. Enjoy the fish! Tastier, I understand, when it is your own catch :-)

  6. any day fishing is a good day. . .beautiful catch. . .what fun!


  7. And while the cat was away, did the mice play?

  8. yes, Marsha..what did you do while Paul was away?..shopping, lunches, wine?

  9. WOW! Some nice catches. One of these days we will visit that area. It's on our short list for sure.

  10. WOW!! Incredible trout catch. I bet it was a lot of fun.

  11. Man, that is a bunch of nice fish! Crazy!


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