Saturday, October 20, 2012


Saturday, October 20 - We had difficulty parking the motor home in our driveway, so we decided we had to remove a dirty Old oak tree, a scraggly maple tree (looked more like a giant bush – LOL), and a rotten pear tree to clear the way for a possible 5th wheel. Paul requested several quotes for cutting them down and found a good price with Yoder's Tree Service.

Dirty old Oak tree.
old oak

more trees

Two guys arrived early this morning in a pickup truck pulling a small utility trailer. Not exactly a high tech, big equipment, tree removal company. With thoughts of, “hope this guy knows what he's doing, Paul gave them the go ahead and got out of the way.

The first thing the tree cutter noticed was a huge hornets nest on one of the limbs.....uh, oh. Luckily it was a little chilly this morning and the hornets weren’t active. Let's get that nest down before the sun warms things up!

hornets nest

These guys were going to drop the tree in one piece. No bucket truck to take it down limb by limb. The boss climbed the tree. Tied a rope around the upper trunk. His assistant pulled on the rope as he cutt'er down, No mess, no fuss!

cutting down tree

tree down

Once the tree was down, they quickly bagged the hornet's next in a plastic garbage bag for later disposal, and cut the tree up for hauling away in their utility trailer.

cleaning up

The other trees were small and removed with a similar “basic” technique. Paul helped get everything cleaned-up and the lawn raked. The guys will be back later to grind out the stumps.

Paul cleaning up

Paul cleaning up

The back yard sure looks “wide open” now. Nice to get rid of those dirty overgrown trees.

So much cleaner.
Old oak gone

Pear tree gone.
pear tree gone

Even Bella had to check out the job these guys did.Bella

We owe a HUGE apology to our friends, Margery and Paul. When we did our Third-Year Recap, we showed photos of our many full/part-timing friends we met during the year. We inadvertently forgot to include Margery and Paul. They were staying at Scenic Hills RV Park in Amish Country just about 40 minutes from us. We met for a delicious lunch at Der Dutchman and had a wonderful visit. Hope you forgive us…It is lousy getting old!

Paul, Margery, Marsha, PaulPaul Margery and me

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.



  1. Looking good but it'll look better when the fiver and truck are there and you are loading up.

  2. That certainly does open it up! Good thing it was cooler and the hornets weren't active. Those guys are pretty good, getting that tree down and out so quickly. Should be plenty of room for the RV now!

  3. That looks like enough space that even a motorhome driver could park a fiver there. Looks nice.

  4. Now, THAT is a lot of firewood. I wonder when you be able to enjoy it since you will be in Texas when it ages. Let's see, which would you want???? Fires or warm Texas?

  5. Better not post a picture with all that empty space. Who knows who might try moochdocking in your driveway.

  6. Those guys really seemed to know what they were doing taking down those trees.

    Now, you just have to find a truck and 5'er to fill up that big empty spot in the yard.

  7. good decision to have that job done. ..looks great!


  8. Looks good.... Now are you going to run 50 amp and water out

  9. They did a great job there. Sure you are pleased with the space. Yoder sounds like an Amish name to me, at least it is in the Lancaster, Pa area where it is very common.

  10. I always hate seeing trees get cut down, but can fully understand the reason for clearing the area out. :)

  11. I'm looking forward to seeing the new 5th-wheel, now that the work is out of the way.

  12. you got to watch them work...and ended up with firewood to boot...good to get the truck and fiver in that nice new open spot :)


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