Friday, November 23, 2012


Thursday, November 22 – We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our daughter's place.

Carrie, Marsha and Carrie's roommates, Nick (in the back), Bo (making his famous mashed potatoes.)

It was a small gathering of 26 young people. Carrie gets this “Big Party” spirit naturally. Marsha has always loved big parties!

Not everyone was there when we took our annual group photo.
the group

We had a wonderful time visiting with all her friends. Many are from distant cities and were unable to make the trip home to spend Thanksgiving with family, so this is a wonderful gesture on Carrie's part to provide a place to enjoy the day with friends.


Of course, we had turkey....two as a matter of fact.... and all the trimmings. Everyone brought along a dish to add to the buffet. We all enjoyed a fabulous dinner.

Carrie tried a new recipe on one of the turkeys…wrapping it with bacon….YUMMY!
turkey with bacon

Look who got to do the honors of carving the turkeys this year.
paul carving turkey

There was football (Houston beat Detroit in overtime), Cornhole (a bean-bag toss game for those unfamiliar to the game), and lots of sharing and conversation.

Watching the big game.DSC01602


Nick's custom-made Cornhole board.DSC01582

What form.

This bag is for you.


As evening approached and things began getting “loud,” it was time for us “old folks” to head home and let the young people enjoy the end of the day.

Hope y'all had as wonderful, fun, blessed Thanksgiving as we did.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. I hear everything taste better with bacon on it..

  2. Reminds me of when family assembled a few years age, usually 25 to 40 folks and the day flew by. What a nice time.

  3. Wow, what a group of fun lovers. Houston must be "THE" place to be. Our blogging friends Laurie and George from Owens on the road are also in the area.

  4. We missed our family gathering/convention. There are usually around 60 there and that is not all that could come.

  5. All that food and all those people to share it with. What fun it looks like you had. I'm just wondering how many leftovers you were able to take home with you .... ???

  6. What a great crowd of young people. I can't imagine cooking two turkeys! Carrie is certainly the hostess with the mostess. Looks like it was a really fun day!

  7. what a fun day..and how nice of Carrie to have everyone there :)

  8. That's quite a group and it looks like everyone is having a grand time.

  9. That's quite a party. I think you had right idea of the old folks going I know I can't handle loud

  10. Gathering with the young helps keep us young. But, I'd probably have left even earlier than you did. :)

  11. A bacon wrapped turkey? Now that would be something to behold! It sure looked good and I'll bet it even tasted better.

    Nice to see everyone having so much fun.

  12. So would you do the bacon wrapped again? Sure sounds good. And you went shopping this morning, right? It's neat to see all those kids with no where to go have a great home cooked meal and fun.

  13. Hmmm ... bacon-wrapped turkey ... may have to have Mui give it a try ... provided he can find a turkey small enough to fit in the convection oven. Looks like everyone was having fun ... nice to share with so many who weren't able to get home.

  14. Wow, what a gathering. I bet it was fun talking to all those young people but I bet they found it really interesting talking to you too. I always liked having all of our kids around. But of course with 6 kids, a family gathering is about 26!

  15. Can't imagine where everyone sat to eat! :)

  16. What a beautiful daughter you have. Looks like you had the perfect day.

  17. nice way to spend Thanksgiving! Looks like Carrie is a 'hostess with the mostest'!!

  18. Looks like you had a really great day and that Turkey sure looked tasty!!!!

  19. Wow, Carrie did a fantastic thing, by inviting all her friends over for a big Thanksgiving bash, especially for all those who couldn't make it home to be with family. The food looks so good. Glad you had such a fun time with them all.

    Kevin and Ruth


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