Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Tuesday, November 13 – We pulled up the jacks again early Saturday morning for the long drive to Leisure Valley Ranch in Mission, TX, known by Winter Texans as the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). We drove 345 miles in 6.5 hours....these long drive days must stop!

We are here to celebrate a 40th anniversary with dear friends, Angie and Rick, and Dave and Marie. They are having a party and dance to celebrate the glorious occasion.

We started the weekend at a Happy Hour at Susie and  Chuck's house so Marsha could spring the “Big Surprise” on Angie and Rick. Marsha and her crazy plans! It worked out well, and Angie and Rick were shocked we were in town.

Marsha and Angie
Marsha and Angie

Marsha, Susie (Marsha's partner-in-crime), AngieDSC01186

We then attended a dance at the club house. The Country band, Sweetwater, was performing. This is a good band, and we had a great time renewing friendships with old friends.

There's never a dull moment here at Leisure Valley Ranch. You can do something everyday if you wish. With warm weather and many old friends, we'll be busy that's for sure!

We are staying a week and will then head back to the Houston Elks to spend the holidays with Carrie, our youngest daughter. After Christmas, we'll return to the RGV for several months.

We are located on Lot 243, 2003 E. Bogey. Our site is HUGE. We have privileges to use the garage. This is where we will stay when we come back in January and February.

Our site

Not sure what Paul is doing in this picture.DSC01191

We have no one directly next to us.

Looking left.

We are directly across from the Clubhouse. How convenient…we can use the hot tub everyday!

Looking right.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Welcome to the Valley, you could have let the cooler weather in the north though.

  2. Huge lot. We hope someday to get to stay in RBV.

  3. Happy your surprise came off for you. It's nice to surprise good friends - as long as they don't have heart problems. lol Nice, nice lot. You could definitely have a dance right there on the lot itself.

  4. WOWEE- what a great site. Nice to pull off a surprise, isn't it.

  5. What fun to surprise friends! Love your winter roost! It's huge. I say the block party should be at your site!

  6. Woo Hoo! What a huge site. That's the kind of site I like!

  7. So glad that your surprise remained a surprise. It is sometimes hard to pull these things off.

    Enjoy your time there.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Maybe one of these days we will try the GGV for the winter. How does Paul like pulling the 5er.

  9. great that you managed to pull off the surprise!..that is quite the site you have..big enough for one very large 'happy hour'!!

  10. Hope we can meet up for a beer at BJs when you come back in January!

  11. That is sure one big RV site - no problem backing into that one I'm sure.

    It's nice that you were able to surprise your friend too.

  12. Sounds like fun is in the air but you two are wearing me out with your long travel days! :)

  13. We finally caught up on your blog after Bob's surgery and recovery. A few comments and we know we will miss something:
    - check your trailer tires and if they are Duros get rid of them immediately, we switched to Goodyear G614s. Too many blowouts.
    - we have a 2010 same model Cameo and 2010 Ford F-350 DRW, it is a great combo. It is very stable with trucks and we have towed in 50 mph winds.
    - our Cameo has the Bigfoot automatic revelers which Carriage started adding with the 2010 models.
    - we use baby locks on the cabinets in the living/kitchen area. We also use drapery rods on the closet mirrors in the bedroom.


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