Saturday, December 1, 2012


Saturday, December 1 - Paul was a “busy weaver” again on Wednesday. Marsha needed more lights above her sink in the bedroom. (Women need to examine themselves very closely under extreme light conditions.... :-) ).

This was another job of fishing wires through walls and ceilings. In this case it was 12-volt wiring for 12-volt RV style lights. Paul wanted to wire them to the switch that controlled the lights already over the sink, so one switch will operate all the sink lights. Marsha can turn off the new lights at the fixtures, if she prefers less light.

Paul began by removing the bottom, inside one the overhead cabinets.

lifting up floor

There he found the wiring to the halogen puck lights already installed above the sink. He stripped back some wire insulation and spliced new wire runs.

lots of wires

He then fished the wire up the wall and into the ceiling and through a hole drilled in the ceiling at the new light location.


He then fished a wire back through the ceiling to the second light location. It was then a simple matter of attaching the wires to the new lights, screwing the lights to the ceiling, and “Walla” - new lighting and BRIGHT too!


After…Marsha is so happy.DSC01720

His final job was pretty simple but a nifty addition to the screen door. Who invents these RV doors anyway – someone who doesn't use them, that's for sure.

In order to open the screen door, we have to slide open a small door in the screen, reach through and press down the EXTERIOR latch. CRAZY. Like rolling down your car window to reach the exterior door latch to open the car door. JEEZE LOUISE!

Paul saw a little plunger type retro-fit that you can add to the screen door to eliminate this CRAZY procedure. He drilled a small home in the sliding plastic door, fit the plunger mechanism in the hole so it strikes the outside latch when pressed, and PRESTO a simpler and better way of opening the screen door.

inside screen door

outside latch

Now, what will Paul find to keep himself busy and out of trouble next? Ya'll come back and check it out!

Marsha wasn't sure how much space she would have on our maiden voyage in the 5th wheel. She only brought a few Christmas decorations, so today she put them up. Not much but it is nice all the same.

Christmas decorations

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. He certainly is keeping busy! You need to hire him out!

  2. hmmm. . .well isn't that just nifty that after 10 years of wrestling that little sliding door open. . .you point out a fix. Just when I'll no longer need it. . .LOL!

    Your Paul is a good man. . .my poor hubby would have a melt down if I asked him to fish wires up to the ceiling. . .he would probably do it. . .but the drama involved would not be pretty. . .ha!

    Christmas decorations look great!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  3. We are getting some great ideas from you two, now if my hubby were just as handy as yours Marsha. I do love the idea of the plunger mechanism on the door. I always found the setup we have now quite odd.

  4. Another great job by Paul! Marsha, you'd better watch out, all the people people will kidnap him! And the men are going to hate him for doing so much of the honey-do list!

  5. Paul needs to get to your snowbird roost so his buds can ask him to come out to play and leave the to-do list behind! That lighting by your sink is a great addition! Another nice job, Paul!

  6. I have zero confidence that Paul will be able to find another project, however, with Marsha's all seeing eye and able assistance. I'm sure there are many projects waiting in the wings.

  7. OK, so Paul is starting to make us all look bad.... (LOL...)

    I like that latch idea!

  8. Paul's getting pretty handy with that John H. just said - he's beginning to make the rest of us guys look bad. Oh well.... I'm used to it!

  9. Paul if you keep it up I'm going to have to delete your blog..Your making me look real bad..

  10. Nice job on the extra lighting. Mui has some re-wiring to do in the bathroom for another electrical outlet, but it's probably going to have to wait until we're parked somewhere else and have more time for projects.

  11. Loving all the mods! Can we hire your hubby for a bit out here in the desert? I've got a few ideas for him and our rig....:)


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