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Thursday, December 27 – Between flight cancellations, furnace issues and no Internet, this blog is a bit outdated. But better late than never.

The family all arrived in Canton, Ohio, for the Weaver gathering to celebrate Christmas together. Marsha – believe it or not – hustled to have the entire family and a couple friends over to the house for Christmas Eve. What a great time!

Yep, we had a white Christmas.DSC02111

After stuffing ourselves on wonderful hors d'oeuvre prepared by the “wonderful Weaver women,” we enjoyed reminiscing, chatting, and even sat the table up for some friendly poker. We are pretty cheap poker players but really enjoyed ourselves around the table. Grandpa cleaned house taking home much of the “loot..”

Carrie, big winner, grandpa, Kelly
Dad and girls

We had a great Christmas Eve and finally ended the festivities early Christmas morning. We decided we better get to bed so Santa could make his stop and not pass us by.

Paul and me

Christmas morning was great with the family exchanging gifts. Once again, it was decided Marsha spends toooooo much on Christmas. The Weaver girls also got into the Christmas spirit showering us with tooooo many presents. Of course, we decided to cut back next year.

Christmas tree

When we get back in the spring, we will be making wine again.
wine making stuff

Dave, Kelly's boyfriend, is easy to buy for. He loves very dark pretzels.
pretzel bag

By noon, the family was gathering at our house again for the traditional Christmas celebration and dinner. Marsha a prepared a huge and delicious ham dinner. Everyone brought items to add to the buffet table. Italian Wedding soup, homemade bread, pumpkin pie, green beans, rigatoni, and, of course, Christmas cookies helped fill everyone up. We also had the annual family gift exchange and enjoyed watching the younger kids open their gifts.

We kids bought dad a new TV for his kitchen. Boy was he surprised!


The color of the day was red.

The Wadsworth Clan
Wadsworth Clan

With a SEVERE WINTER WEATHER WARNING for up to a foot of snow for Wednesday, Paul and Carrie changed their airplane flights for early in the day hoping to flea Ohio before snow covers the roads and runways and everything is shut down. Poor Marsha decided it best to remain behind and clean up after the Christmas parties. We did help take down the tree, fold up tables and chairs, and clean up the dished before heading to bed.

Early December 26, Paul and Carrie headed to the airports. Paul flew out of Akron/Canton, and Carrie flew from Cleveland. Paul had only a 20 minute delay, but Carrie's flight was canceled due to no crew…really…forcing her to find a standby flight. Since she flew direct, she beat Paul to Houston. Paul had a layover in Atlanta. Of course, Paul had to change planes in Atlanta due to a malfunction.....jeesh!

Oh yeah, Carrie's luggage was lost with all her new Christmas gifts tucked inside. Luckily the airlines found it and delivered it to her house later in the day.

Marsha in Ohio during the snow storm.
snow storm

The next morning.
snow on house

After landing, Paul hurried over to Carrie's place to pick up Bella. One of Carrie's roommates stayed in town for the holidays and had volunteered to watch Bella. She was sooooo happy to see Paul and was sure happy to get back to her home in the 5th wheel.

Well, as you might expect, Marsha's flight for December 27 was canceled. She is stuck in Ohio until Saturday, December 29. Hopefully, things will get back to normal and she will escape the grasp of Old Man Winter in time to return to Houston before Paul heads out to Mission, Texas. He would sure hate to have to leave without her!

So, be sure to check back and see if Paul will be basking in the sun alone in South Texas, or if Marsha returned in time to catch the trip south.

Here is wishing all of our family and friends a very Happy New Year.
Happy New Year

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.



  1. How much snow does it take to change dreaming of into nightmare of a white Christmas? Sure hope Paul waits for you Marsha.

  2. Oh, the hoops we are willing to jump through to make our dreams come true. It sure looks like you all think it was worth it. I'm happy for you. Hope Marsha makes it back in time, though. How do you fly to Mission?

  3. That Paul is a smart man and knows when to get out of dodge and also smart enought to know he better wait for the boss to get there..

  4. Happy to see Santa was good to all the Weavers and family.

    Looks like you all had a great time even with the snow and stuff.

  5. Getting together at Christmas sure can't be beat, even if it means looking at snow. We're going to get a little more here I'm afraid. As long as our flight out on Monday night goes as scheduled, I don't mind.

  6. I must admit I don't miss the challenge of flying in the winter time. I'm hoping some year to bring the kids south for Christmas. Hope you make it back without any problems and can actually go with Paul and Bella.

  7. Love all your happy pictures. That tree looks like ours used to look. We went cold turkey this year...envelopes for all. Sure a lot easier but not nearly as much fun.

  8. I don't know about "basking in the sun" There isn't much of that around the south.

  9. I sure understand flight cancellations, delays and stand-by travel. What a mess it can be!! We always over spend at Christmas too but that's also fun watching the surprised faces. We would have had a white Christmas had we spent it at the cabin but we didn't .. thank goodness. Hope Marsha makes it back in time to head south. Glad you had a wonderful holiday.

  10. Wow! We have to say how impressed we are having only a month before leaving in the fifth wheel you managed to get some furniture and enough cooking utensils and dishes to host Christmas...even managing a beautiful tree! Have to say, though, the Weaver's don't let any grass grow under their feet once Christmas is over! Wishing you safe travels as you catch up with Paul and head to Mission! Wishing you a wonderful new year. Time to start looking through the Burpee catalog!

  11. A belated Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

  12. Looks like you had terrific holiday gatherings. A white Christmas is great ... if you're not traveling anywhere. Keeping fingers crossed that Marsha safely made it back to the 5er.

  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope you find warm weather down on the border.

  14. Now this was a Christmas holiday you will remember for a long, long time!

  15. Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas, surrounded by family and friends, much laughter, good food, presents galore and lots of love. Best to all of you in the upcoming year.

  16. what a great family christmas even with the snow and flight reschedules in the mix...hope you wait for Marsha Paul...


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