Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Tuesday, October 2 – Fall is in the air, and it's getting close to the time to head South. We finished up the trimming for this year. Hopefully, Marsha can put those pruners away.

The tree at the end of the driveway is so big, we can't get the MH backed up far enough in the driveway.
MH by tree

MH needs moved.

Someone decided this issue needed to be rectified.

Get out of that tree you old kook!
Tree in tree.

Job will done.
MH moved back.

And the pile grows.
Brush pile.

We had a fellow grind up all the limbs and brush and haul it away.

Pile gone.

We are in pretty good shape “house-wise”, and hopefully things survive the winter without any problems.

We have several family members keeping tabs on the house. We have let the neighbors know there should be no moving vans carting furniture out of the house or wild teenage parties going on....LOL

Before Marsha got the trimmers out.DSC09987

After she put them down.DSC00889

Our plans are to leave here next week and start a slow travel to Texas. We should arrive in Texas near the end of October.

Personal comment from Marsha – The other day Janice, Ready To Go Full Timing RVing, sent me an email asking if I receive her replies to my comments left on her blog? My answer was that I do not receive her replies to my comments.

After Janice asked this question, I went back to several blogs that I leave a comment on and found a few of the writers responded to my comment directly on their blog. I have never gone back to a blog I have read to see if the blogger made a response to my comment.

I have our blog set up in a way that every comment made is received via email, that way I can respond back via email. I also set it up so Paul receives the comments.

If you have left a response directly on your blog to a comment we have made, sorry to say we haven't seen it. I am interested in knowing how many people really go back to a blog they left a comment on to see if there is a response.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. We never go back and check. There isn't enough time in the day to see all the blogs we want to see anyway, and to go back again is out of the question. Life is meant to be lived in forward gear, not in reverse.

  2. I've always wondered why people leave comments to questions asked on their own blog too unless it's for new readers. Once I read a blog I move on to the next. Why read the same blog twice?

  3. I, too, do not go back to check on comments.

    House and yard looks nice! Just think, you probably won't see it with snow on the ground - at least not this year.

  4. I stopped climbing tall ladders a few years ago after I fell off one onto a cement pad. Now I only will use a step ladder. I have several friends who were seriously injured this way.

    Enjoy the trip south:)

  5. Tell Paul never cut the limb the ladder is resting on..I know someone that did..not me.

  6. Add me to the never go back reader. Have enough trouble keeping up with the current blogs. Have a great journey back down to Texas. The yard is really looking great.

  7. Can we please see pictures of the inside of the house now that you are done? Or are you? Heading south in the motorhome or?

  8. Whew, now that your trimmimg is done you can head south for a long winter vacation-love the lifestyle. Travel safe.

  9. Nice job on the trimming and on the tree blocking your MH. Good idea to get the tree shredder guy in too - often thought I should do that!

    I only go back to follow a thread in someone else's blog if it happens to be a real debate (argument??) going on and I'm curious to see what folks are saying.

    If I'm asked a specific question on my blog, I'll answer it just in case someone else might also be wondering the same thing.

    Otherwise, I treat the question as rhetorical or I'll answer it in a future post.

    But, as a general rule, I don't go back and re-read blog comments.

  10. Like you, if someone asks a question in a blog comment, we respond with an email directly to them. If they have a no-reply email address, then I put an answer in the blog comments.
    Your yard looks great!

  11. As you know, I answer comments on my blog by email. I rarely go back to see if someone replied to a comment I made but I will if I asked a question I want an answer to or if it is a topic I want to know more about.

  12. You have done an excellent job landscaping Marsha. Have a great trip to Texas. Word Press does allow for email responses back to me when I have commented on someone's blog and they send a message back. Unfortunately I don't know blogger very well.

  13. I never reread a blog unless there is something about a place I want to go on it. Be safe on the road when you head south. We hope you can get to Florida this winter.

  14. really need a vacation after all the work you've done. The yard looks great! All ready to welcome you home next spring.

  15. Come on down. . .the weather's been great. . .

    and, I guess the consensus is. . .there's no need to bother replying to comments on the blog. . .cause nobody's ever gonna see the replies anyway. . .great. . .LOL!


  16. See Ya'll at the Ranch

    travel safe.

  17. There are some that I check back with - if I can remember! I don't re-read the blog, just the response to my comment. Sometimes I find it is fun to have a "conversation" about something. Mostly I reply to comments left on my blog by email except those who have a no-reply email. I always kinda wonder why they have a "no-reply" though!!!

  18. nice job on the tree trimming!! we all want to see inside the house too!
    as for comments on my blog?..I am like you, if there is an email address attached and a reply is necessary I will do answer but some bloggers do have the 'no reply' attached to their comments so they are out of luck if a reponse is deemed necessary.
    have a great day..and happy packing!!

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  20. If the commenter has email reply turned on, I'll send an email in response to a question, but I'll also copy and paste the answer as a reply in the blog in case someone else is interested in the answer. I have had some people who are leery about putting their email out there in the WWW ... I find that they always return to the blog for an answer and follow-up comments. Some subscribe to comments via email to get the reply in their email.


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