Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sunday, January 13 – On Wednesday, we met up with the Carriage Owner's Club, RVers that own Carriage 5th Wheels, in Pharr for a luncheon. This was our first time attending an owner's group get together. There were 45 of us.

We met many new RVers and as luck would have it, ended up sitting next to a couple, Dutch and Di, that Paul has been exchanging emails with since we purchased our Carriage Cameo. Another example of “It's a small world.”

We enjoyed the lunch, sharing war stories with fellow Carriage owners, and talking over things we've done to our 5th wheel.

Carriage luncheon

On Friday, we finally got another beautiful day here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Paul used the opportunity to wash the 5th wheel. He started by scrubbing the roof with Murphy's Oil Soap. This really does a great job on the fiberglass roof.

washing 5er

After finishing the roof and having all that dirt run down over the sides of the RV, it kind of forced Paul to keep going and do the entire vehicle. So he got out his folding ladder and scrubbed his way around the RV.

This is really the first chance he has had to give the entire 5th wheel a good washing. With all the rain and cold weather we've experienced, it's tough to get motivated to spend one of the few nice days scrubbing the RV.

Once he finished with the washing, he spent some time tightening screws, checking areas that need caulking, and attending to a couple areas that needed extra scrubbing. The previous owner must have gotten into some pine sap somewhere and that wasn't easy to get off.

On Saturday, another nice day broke over the RGV, we decided to head over to the Don Wes Flea Market. This is one of the largest markets in the Valley. There are several smaller markets – called Pulgas by the local Hispanics – one just across Highway 83 from our RV park. We'll be attending that Pulga another time.

Don Wes has 100's of stalls. Some are inside a large building and some in smaller stalls arranged in rows outside. There is even a second building out the back and across the railroad tracks. In this second building, is a farmer's market loaded with locally grown produce.


The flowers make it feel much warmer than it really

Of course there's entertainment too! The Hispanic people know how to have a good time. There is usually a Mariachi band playing at any gathering.

Overall, we were disappointed with this flea market. We spent several hours strolling through the many booths and enjoying some people watching, but it just didn't seem to be what we were hoping for or as good as other markets we've experienced in the past. Of course there are tool booths with tons of cheap tools for sale, produce by the tons, food stands, jewelry, t-shirts and other Texas shirts, cowboy boots & shirts, and a few unique locally produced crafts all for sale at prices that aren't easy to ignore (at least they hope that's the case). But we left disappointed in the whole experience.

For all those cooks out there….what the heck is this and how do you use it?

We are never just sitting here in Mission. Everyday we are doing something. We want to leave you today with a few Bella photos.

Each morning we find Bella reading her favorite blogs. This morning we caught her using Marsha's computer to read Just Wanderin. She enjoys knowing what everyone is doing out there.

Bella working at the computer.

With the sun at a premium here so far this winter, Bella will sleep where ever she can find the sun. This is a new one on us.

Bella sleeping in step.

On really cold days, you can find her warming up by laying on one of our computers. If we ask her to move so we can use the computer, she gives us that "I don't think so." look.

Bella sitting on computer.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Those owner's groups are full of interesting people, eh? We've not yet been to any Lazy Daze groups, but seems like the Lazy Daze owners always seem to find each other somehow.

    We were very impressed with the Carriage 5'er we looked at, and almost bought a few years ago. The couple was selling their truck as well. Nice rig, well maintained, would have been good, but we just were not to the point of making a decision yet.

    They had purchased a Navion Motorhome, and that got us to looking at the smaller motor homes, and eventually came to look at the Lazy Daze.

    It was a love that grew over time, but when we got Therapy, we knew we were in the right place at the right time for us.

    Thanks for sharing, and hope the sun shines on you today. Cute pics of Bella!

  2. Dutch and Di are good people.

    Our cats like the entry way, we call it 'the pit'. They also like the top of the computer.

  3. Nice job on the fiver! It's got to feel good to have given it a good cleaning and made it 'your own.'

    That produce looks great. We've found excellent produce here, too.

    The joys of retirement...the hunt for a good flea market can take place any time, any place.

    Enjoy your gorgeous weather!

  4. Did Bella leave a comment? I'll go back and look in a minute.

    It definitely is a small world. Disney was right. They say life starts at when you turn 21. I think it starts when the time comes to start enjoying each and every day and each and every person we meet ... sounds like retirement, huh? We're both blessed with a wonderful family and fantastic friends. I include both of you in that.

  5. I would have thought the Diakon was a type of carrot, but I guess not.

    Our kitties often sleep in the stair well as well. We discourage it though because we're afraid we'll come home some day, open the door and somebody will fall out and be gone.

    They sure find the sunny spots, don't they?

  6. if i tell you what a Daikon (white asian radish) is used for if you send Paul over to wash my rig ;)

  7. Bella is hilarious ... sorry the market experience didn't work out as you expected; you're the second blogger I read this morning to come away feeling that way.

  8. oh Bella! a new blogging star in the making!
    glad you are enjoying your time in RGV, making new friends and is always fun!

  9. The fresh produce would be the only thing that would interest me. ;)

  10. So, Bella can read blogs? Then why has she never left a comment on mine? She'd probably have something catty to say anyway (groan!!).

    That fresh produce looked pretty good.

  11. finding that the flea market at Quartzsite is quite a trip. does fresh veggies absolutely are what I am looking for.

  12. We have never been to a rally since we have owned our RV. Looks like a good opportunity to exchange ideas.

  13. Guess who finally gets to catch up with the blogs!!! Yeaaaah! Glad we're finally starting to get some warmth this winter...pool season is almost here!

    I can't believe you haven't heard of daikon with all the food tv you've heard. It's a type of radish used a lot in chinese/korean cooking. A lot of times they pickle it (making kimchi) and serve it with fish. Has a very mild taste. I got to taste it a lot when I was on my ExxonMobil dinner tab. :)


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