Friday, January 25, 2013


Saturday, January 25 – Last Saturday, Paul started waxing the 5th wheel. He started on the nose this morning before the sun heated things up. This would be a much easier job if he didn't have to work from a wobbly folding RV step ladder.

bob waxinng

It was the old “wax on, wax off” routine for quite awhile. By the looks of things this waxing hadn't been done for a long time.....if at all. Paul waxed and re-waxed four times until he was satisfied with the appearance.

Finally shiny and looking like new! This should make bug removal after a day on the road easier too!

clean rig

Using an orbital buffer makes removal of the wax film fairly easy and results in a pretty nice shine. The only draw back is the cloths need to be changed frequently because wax residue builds up and ends up back on the clean surface. Well, that put Paul out of business eventually because he only had three covers for the buffer. Marsha took them and his rags over to the laundry so he would be able to resume work tomorrow......slave driver!

paul waxing

With one day down, Paul completed the nose and part on one side. He went up to Walmart to purchase several more buffer cloths so Marsha can keep him working longer tomorrow. So after church it's back on the ladder – wax on, wax off!

Marsha completed a basket for her good friend, Angie. She's been secretly working on it since we arrived here in Mission, TX. Sunday, after church, Marsha asked Angie to stop in the RV for a second and surprised her with the gift. She was so surprised and simply delighted with her basket. Marsha was pretty happy too!

angie and marsha

angie's basket

Paul has been going with some of the guys to play Pickleball at an indoor facility in Mission. This is nice because it is not effected by cool morning temperatures or windy conditions.

Pickleball is an “old guys” version of tennis. It is a cross between tennis and ping pong. It is played on a small tennis style court, but you use a paddle (like ping pong) and a whiffle ball (a plastic ball full of holes). You still get a nice workout, but it is not as intense as tennis.

This was taken last year at the outdoor court. Just wanted to give you
an idea of the size of the court.

At the Mission Park building, you pay 50¢ to play and rotate in and out of the games played on three courts. This gives you a little break between games. We play from 9 a.m. to about noon.

Paul and Rick went last week and were joined by Barry and John this week. You never know how many guys and gals will be there. All are welcome. We play for the fun of it not getting too serious about winning (yeah right!).

Wouldn't it be nice to just curl up and sleep like this.

bella sleeping

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. The basket is beautiful, Marsha! Angie must have been thrilled!

    Paul does a great version of Karate Kid! So much hard work, but so great the reward!

    I like the way your Pickleball is organized rotating in and out. long will it be before Pickleball is in the dictionary so we don't get that red squiggly under it?

  2. Gorgeous basket. You're so good at this!! Paul sure is a busy little boy with all that waxing on and then waxing off .. or is it the other way around.

    I still love your header picture.

  3. Good job, Paul. Great basket, Marsha! We like to play Pickleball, too, but it's hard to find courts. We usually end up having to play on tennis courts.

  4. That basket is beautiful. You are really good at that. Almost as good as Paul is at waxing. Rig is really looking good.

  5. A little advanced notice when Paul gets the waxing bug would be appreciated so I can get the vehicles over to the staging area. And again congratulations to Marsha for supplying clean waxing pads to keep the job moving along. Does Paul know what a valuable asset you are Marsha?

  6. Looking buff ... I'll let you guess who/what I am referring to ;-))) Beautiful basket Marsha ... you're really good at making them and I bet the recipients are thrilled to receive them.

  7. Paul is doing a great job I could just sit and watch him work all day:)

  8. Marsha you do good work (basket) likewise Paul (waxing the Cameo). Make sure you find time to relax!

  9. We've never waxed our rig but just the fact that the bugs will come of easier is reason enough.

    I wish there was a way I could bring you pine needles from the park we work at but the border guys wouldn't like that.

  10. Great basket!!!! We have been playing pickleball in Leesburg, FL at a public park. They have four courts, all used and a rotate in policy.

  11. The rig sure looks shiny and new. Marsha you do such beautiful work on the baskets. I can see why your friend was so pleased.

  12. Lookin' good. . .lookin' good!

    I know you guys are having a great time as Winter Texans. . .enjoy!

  13. My daughter also does basket weaving. We saw a tree the other day with the longest needles I've ever seen. Wish I could remember where.

    Over here in Mercedes it looked and felt like rain coming in. I am thinking it passed over us but it was headed in your direction. If so, Paul might have to put off that waxing for another day.

  14. Beautiful basket Marsha. How lucky your friend is to have received such a lovely gift and how lucky you are to have such a talented hard-working hubby!

  15. Nice work on the rig. Marsha needs to get you a taller and more sturdy ladder.

    A very good looking basket. How large of an inventory of pine needle do you carry? Looks like a fun thing to do.

    Mac & Dianna

  16. Gorgeous basket! I'm working on m third one with pine needles and walnut slices. I love making them. I hope to get as good as you are one of these days!


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