Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Tuesday, February 12 – WOWSIE has it been hot here in Mission. On Sunday, we were the hottest spot in the country. Yes, it does say 96 and this is just February.

high temps

We have been having another wonderful, fun, very busy winter here in the Rio Grande Valley. About a week ago, we met up with fellow bloggers, Gayle and Jim of Life's Little Adventures. We met Gayle and Jim last year and wanted to be sure to meet up again this year. They are co-activity directors at a nearby park. We had a wonderful lunch at BJs with a few beverages thrown in for good measure.

jim gayle and us

On Sunday after church, we all headed over to Angie and Rick's for an "Omelet in a Bag" brunch. If you have never tried an omelet in a bag, you are missing out on a real neat experience. To explain very quickly, the first thing you do is break two to three eggs into a Ziploc bag.

You don't need the bag holder, but the Bloody Mary next to the bag does help.
paul breaking his eggs

Press all the air out of the bag, zip it up and blend the eggs together. Then add as many condiments as you choose. We had onions, bacon, ham, cheese, green peppers, etc.

table of veggies

Zip the bag back up and mix all the ingredients together as Pablo, better known as Paul, is doing below.

mixing eggs

Now it is ready to be placed in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Once done, slide it on your plate and enjoy. This is the quick version, if you want more details, just drop us a line we will be happy to give you some additional tips.

Our host/hostess and cookers, Angie and Rick.
Angie Rick

While the omelet is cooking, don't forget to enjoy a few beverages of Mimosas, Bloody Marys, coffee, tea, or whatever.

beverage table

The sweet table got a good workout also.

sweet table

Marsha wants to share Angie and Rick's beautiful new window. It is made out of stain glass by a local gal. When the sun shines through, it is even more gorgeous.

Angie's window

We just can't get over all the different positions Bella sleeps in. For some reason, she loves to push against anything and everything, even when she sleeps.

bella sleeping

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!






  1. Pablo looks perplexed as he delves into gourmet cooking.

  2. Our cats also find interesting positions when sleeping, great picture of Bella.

  3. That is a real neat and easy way to make an Omelet. Don't forget to write your name on the bag so you know who's is who's when doing a big batch at once. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Sounds like you're having a grand winter...hot and lots of fun activities to keep you out of trouble.

    What a nice perch Bella has to take her siestas and watch the world go by!

    The stained glass window is beautiful!

  5. Hope you don't mind if I copy the picture of all of us. We had a great time at lunch with you guys. Luckily we didn't kill our cats while we were enjoying beer and pizza!
    Bella looks like she's made herself at home.

  6. I'm surprised the bag doesn't melt. ;)

  7. I certainly understand the too busy to blog bit. However, then I fall way behind. Sometimes busy is good and other times not busy is good. I hoping that the not busy days get here pretty soon.

  8. The omelet in a bag sure eliminates clean up! Great idea. Miss Bella acts just like our Noah.

  9. I love that you're too busy to blog. . .nothing wrong with that at all. . .glad you are having fun!

    When will y'all head north?

  10. If I knew how to boil water, I'd be trying Pablo's omelette recipe for sure!

  11. Beautiful stained glass window. The omelet in a bag is a new one on us ... have to give it a try one of these days. It sure would make clean-up a cinch.

  12. I had never heard of omelet in a bag but will be giving it a try. Thanks!

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