Friday, March 15, 2013


Thursday, March 14 – With severe thunderstorms and 65 MPH winds predicted on Saturday night and Sunday, we decided to leave a day early and get to Houston before the bad weather hit.

It wasn't all smooth sailing! After stopping for a bathroom break, Paul noticed one of the rear dually tires looked low. He grabbed his air gauge and sure enough it hardly registered on the gauge. Of course, the station we were in did not have a reverse stem on the tire compressor and neither did the next station we stopped at. Paul carries one in his tool box but gas stations don't have the same quick disconnects. We eventually found a car dealership that had the equipment we needed and added air.

The remainder of the trip was uneventful. Paul did check the tire after setting up camp and found it a little low. Must have a slow leak that will have to be taken care of. He thought for sure the truck was equipped with tire pressure monitors from the factory. Guess not. Better check the owner's manual.  (UPDATE:  Got tire repaired at Discount Tire – free!  Pressure monitors are not in dually tires, just the front ones.  Anyone know why?)

Bella in one of her many different sleeping positionbella sleeping

We returned to our “home spot” at the Houston Elks Lodge (actually in the suburb of Stafford) today. We will be here about two weeks to visit daughter, Carrie; catch up on some “day-to-day” chores; and take in the Houston Rodeo.

The Elks Lodge is full. This is getting to be a pretty busy place. The sites were full when we left in December and remained full most of the winter. We are in one of the two gravel sites, Site #9. Sites 1 – 8 are concrete pads and Sites 9 and 10 are gravel. All the sites have 50 amp full hook-ups. The cost is $15/night or $325/month.

Site 9
houston elks

Looking right.
right of site

Looking left.
left of site

Big yard for Bella to roam.
yard for Bella

Since we have arrived, we have been running tons of errands, doing laundry, visiting with our Elk friends and being with Carrie. The traffic never ceases to amaze us. There is no such thing as rush hour…it last all day.

rush hour traffic

Sign for the day.
beer sign

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Do not like tire problems. So glad you got to Houston and got the tire fixed. No idea why the monitors are not in the dually. I'll be curious if someone can give you an answer.

  2. We've had more than our share of tire problems. Glad you caught yours before it really became a problem.

  3. Glad you made a safe passage, enjoy your daughter time.

  4. I have tire paranoia!

    Love the sign.

  5. You have a nice spot there at the Elks and price is sure right - plus, you have your own bar right next door!

    Houston, we have a problem - way too much traffic!

  6. Love the blue, blue sky...and glad you were able to get one of the remaining spots at the Elks! It's gonna be a good two weeks with Carrie so close by.

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  8. Too much traffic there in Houston for us, did the Fleamarket last week but thats enough city for us. Enjoy your time there, April 14th date?

  9. I bet it's really warming up in the Houston area about now.

  10. Not so sure about Beer being the answer, but Margaritas could fit the bill for me! Of course, John will take the beer.


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