Saturday, March 2, 2013


Friday, March 1 – We are in Texas Hill Country, Bandera, Texas. We had a long but safe six hour drive north from the Rio Grande Valley. We're staying at Skyline Ranch RV Park.

skyline ranch rv park

We stayed here back in 2010 and are actually in the same site - #106.

Looking at our site.
site 106

The Park has a country setting, with gravel roads and sites. There is a picnic table at each site and the majority are pull-thru sites. We have a 50 amp, full-hookup site. There is grass and trees between each site. With the campground not being very crowded this time of year, they spread out the RVs leaving an empty site between each. That's nice!

close up of site

Looking left.
left of our site

Looking right.
right of site

One of the lovely gardens at the

Shady place to sit and relax.
sit and relax

Cute gazebo for more relaxing.

Once we were all set up, we took Bella for a well-deserved walk. She has been on concrete for two months and loves to get out and walk in the woods. She was enjoying her walk until…

Bella on walk.

she encounter this.

Bella and mule

This little guy just couldn't get enough of Bella. He followed us until he couldn't follow no more.


The park has tons of deer. So far they have stayed in the field. The last time we were here, they walked freely through the Park.


The temperatures this time of year, range with lows in the 40's and highs in the upper 60's or 70's. With that said, temperatures for the next two nights are dipping down near freezing.....GREAT! The good news is daytime temperatures will be in the 70's with Monday temperatures reaching into the 80's.....NICE!

We went to the 11th Street Cowboy Bar to have several beverages, listen to the Natalie Rose Band, and do a little Texas Two-stepping. We had a good time and enjoyed the band.


We knew it would be a classy place when we saw the welcoming signs on the door.


Lucky for us, no one took them up on the dance requirements.

dance hall sign

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. That bar must be a hilarious place!

  2. Now that's a hill country bar, Waylon, Willie and the boys would be proud.

  3. It looks like a nice place! My aunt lived on an acreage outside of Bandera but we never had a chance to visit her.

  4. The deer and babes are what we remember most about Tx Hill Country. When we woke up there were 17 right out our bedroom window. Have fun and enjoy.

  5. Did you donate anything to hang on that door? Wasn't sure if one of those "things" were yours .... or not?

  6. Yea ..what Wanderin said. We have not spent much time in that part of TX yet. What we have seen of it we like. Maybe later this year.

  7. Hey, that could be fun! Bandera Texas is now on our list for a week's stay at least!

  8. I'm reading a book that mentions that very place. Watch out for Comanches!

  9. You probably needed a few beverages to warm you up from those chilly temps and scant clothing. :)

  10. Looks like a great RV park and a fun country bar. Enjoy your time in the hill country.

  11. What a nice send off from your Leisure Valley friends! How nice that Skyline Ranch puts an occupied site between occupied! Ever notice how you can set up in a fairly empty campground and if people can choose their own site they tend to huddle to the sites already occupied? What's with that? They must think there is safety in numbers. Sounds like you're going to have great weather for exploring!

  12. Looks like you've landed in another wild and crazy place. Better watch Paul with all those wild women around!


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